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Please add more options for social media such as an RSS feed (blog) and Houzz (interior design specific).  In addition, please "lock in" the social media icons per email campaign.  For example, I create email campaign 1 and set up the social media icons.  Then I create email campaign 2 with the social media icons linking to different social sites.  As soon as I save the social media profile for email 2 it changes the social media links in email 1.  This is VERY frustrating as we have 6 different brands that we send emails out for and we cannot use our email templates due to this issue. 


We tried to create our own social media icons by using images however, we cannot place more that two images side by side like we could in the old interface.  Also, please put back the ability to add a table into the new user interface - you took away this feature!  Having the ability to add a table would allow me a workaround to my first issue.  UGH!  Very frustrating - this is making us re-consider our decision to use Constant Contact for our email campaigns.





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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we looked into this! The good news is we have received word from our engineers that more social media icons have been made available in our cross platform editor!

unnamed (10).png


If you have any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Help Boards as we would be happy to assist you further.


Please add the ability to add our own social media icons and links to the social media widget.


The 'blog' button is not included in the new Social Share options, can you please add it back in?

Campaign Contributor

PLEASE, pretty please, add the Soundcloud icon in the social block settings!!

Campaign Contributor



A simple request:


PLEASE, pretty please, add the Soundcloud icon in the social block settings!!


Thanks in advance.


Constant Contact Partner
Hello, we use Vimeo extensively. Could you add Vimeo as a social media option please? Thank you! Lonnie Thomas, Ingham ISD
Campaign Expert

Please add a yelp button as well.

More choices of colors would be much appreciated.

Google has changed its Google+ social media to Google My Business. I submitted a request to change the Google+ icon to Google My Business icon months ago and just discovered the Google+ icon which we have been using for Google My Business was removed altogether without adding the Google My Business icon. Why would you do this as it impacts the revenue of virtually all your clients? Please add the Google My Business icon ASAP. Paul Jasmin Bark Busters 612-849-0393

Hello @LynneW7

Thanks for letting us know what social media icon you would like to see added next. Is it only the Google My Business icon you would also like to see in the future?


Please add an icon for Remind and GroupMe to the Social Media blocks included at the bottom of emails.

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