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Just wondering if will be used as an option when my customers register. I really like it and it's much easier on our side and less expensive. Let me know if this will ever be an option. thank you

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Hello everyone, 


With the newer event tool out and the contract with WePay having ended after 2023, this means that PayPal is currently the only online payment provider available.


While our devs are looking into other alternatives for integrated payment providers, they are also open to any specific suggestions you have:

  • What payment provider would you prefer to use?
  • What is the most important aspect in a payment provider to you?


Yes, seeing this was suggested back in 2014, and still no change for payment options. Would love to have Square as way to accept payments when users register in advance.

I would like to utilize Constant Contact for online registration but some options are not provided as are in other programs. First, for the registration fee options, can this include quantity limits as available with "Additional Items"? I can use the "Additional Items" section to list my trainings but then I do not want the title of "Additional Items" shown with this section...can it be made to be flexible? Also, when guests/attendees are added to a registrant, can't the trainings be selected for each guest/attendee? Maybe I am setting this up wrong but how will I know which guest/attendee will attend which training. For the payment, I would like to have a flexible option to set-up a special payment method. I do not want to use Constant Contact to process payments as would be handled by my company's customer service. So, the ability to either create my own payment method or not have to select anything at all. Thus, only using Constant Contact to provide registrants and their attendees with a summary of who is registered for which training with a total amount due. Thank you.
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Hi @ChartInc_D-SGroup_Marketing 


The good news is you can set quantity of additional items and  rename title of this additional items section. As for selecting your registrant's training, how would you expect this to work? At this time you cannot select a training for guests, but we do see many users do include multiple training as separate fee tickets or even items for sale if there's one flat fee. To collect these fees, currently the only payment methods allowed are WePay, PayPal, check, or at the door. What type of payment method would you be looking for instead?


Is there an update on using Square and Venmo?

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I'd love it if Venmo or Zelle would be integrated into the payment/booking tool!

Getting rid of the option to accept checks is really detrimental to those of us who have big ticket items like sponsorships to sell. Our allied members want to be invoiced and write checks, not have a cc balance.
I appreciate having both WePay and PayPal, but my client has event participants who have always paid by check...and I need to give them that option. I realize that doesn't give you fees, but I should still be able to configure that here.

please add Square as a payment option and also is there a way to set up a payment plan for clients so they don't have to pay all at once and can do it in installments of my choosing?

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This has been an ongoing topic and concern from users for YEARS and you have yet to to anything about it. Really, how hard is it to add a few new payment methods?

We need the option for people to pay with check at the door
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