Allow registrants to cancel or edit their registration

Please provide functionality for registrants to edit thier own registrations after they have submitted them. IT is time consuming to handle that task on an administrative end and most guests don't make the effort to email me to do it for them.

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Sure would be nice if it were easier to add an item to an existing registration. We have had several people who registered for our event and then later wanted to add a group dinner ticket or a workshop. I have to cancel their registration and then re-register them. Too much work, there should be an easier way to edit.
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We run very large events and sometimes attendants buy tickets and want to buy more later.  Currently Event Spot doesn't allow users to buy more tickets after the first purchase if they are using the same email.  That's a huge flaw.  The buyer goes through the process and gets denied if they've already purchased simply because they are using the same email? Please please please fix this.  The software is excellent otherwise and we would hate to be forced to look elsewhere.   


Otherwise we totally love Constant Contact.  It's wonderful for our charity.  We've recommended it to many businesses and everyone loves it.  


Hi LisaW024!


Thanks for the suggestion and for the positive feedback and recommendations on the EventSpot product. We really appreciate it!

This is a limitation at this time as the email addresses are used to track the unique registrations and payments for each contact. But our developers are definitely looking into all this as this is a popular request. Hopefully we get to implement this soon but right now, no estimated time as to when.  Please keep voting for this and any other features you want to see. Thanks again!


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Has anyone found any workarounds for this? This is becoming a significant issue for our event. Any workarounds would be helpful.

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It ought to be easier for the Admin of the event to change the details for a registrant. For example, if a registrant discovers they are unable to come to the event on the date they signed up for and they need to change the date, an entire cancel/re-registration cycle has to begin. It should be easier than 2 full transactions just to change ONE parameter.

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I have asked for all these items since the Event Marketing product was launched!


1) Administrators should be able to add registrants through a back-end feature, and not have to go through the client-side registration. This should be as easy as entering data into a spreadsheet, with multiple columns that can be quickly selected (Paid, registered, etc.)

2) Administrators need to be able to enter notes into the registrants' files. If someone needs special services, if they will need to arrive late, if they are bringing a friend, etc. etc.

3) Adminstrators should be able to add guests into a registrant's record. We get people who call in to add a "plus one" or "Plus two" all the time.

4) Administrators should be able to enter VIPs, Speakers, etc. without having to make up email addresses. We need them in there for food and seat counts, name bagdes, etc. If they get an email telling them they are registered, it often causes confusion.

5) Administrators should be able to enter people who pay on-site, by phone, or who are comps, without making up an access code and entering it. When I have to make that workaround of an access code that says, "PAID_PHONE" it gets emailed in the confirmation to the registrant, and then I have to make new access codes for the next function so that people don't test that access code in the future. Likewise, access codes shouldn't be listed on confirmation emails....

6) Payment pending: when the payment arrives, I should be able to mark if it was made by check, cash, etc.

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Administrators should be able to add information into a individual's registration details. I just received a call from someone who has special dietary needs. Also, I have someone else who will need a special listening device for this event. It would be beneficial to have all this information in one place when I download the registrant list.
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People change their mind about activities and want to add or remove activities from their registration. Need to be able to do this - and also, the user needs to be able to do it.
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It is bothersome both to our members and to the person responsible for the sign-on list that the member is unable to come on line to change their response parameters, such as the number of persons in their party or the number of Fish entrees desired, etc. Can this capability be enabled??
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It would be good to be able to edit the payment field on an abandoned registration. A person accidentally signed up for a table price. I wanted to change it to a single ticket but could not without completely deleting and starting over again.
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