Allow registrants to cancel or edit their registration

Please provide functionality for registrants to edit thier own registrations after they have submitted them. IT is time consuming to handle that task on an administrative end and most guests don't make the effort to email me to do it for them.

Several people have purchased tables without listing their guests. So a table for 10 shows as 1 guest. I thought that we could edit registrations to add the guest's names that they submitted to us later. I was told today that this is not possible, so we are running blind as to how many people will attend our event without keeping a separate excel sheet. Also, every new download from your site messes up our excel sheet. This is very disappointing. I sold this to my team for the ability to have the best information available to everyone by looking at our account at Constant Contact. Now we have to do what I was hoping to avoid - emailing excel sheets to each other. So now to update I guess we have to enter everyone by hand in our own excel sheet. Very disappointing!
One of our registrants accidentally entered 1 guest. We cannot delete the guest so our count is off. I was told that the only way to get rid of the guest is to cancel the registration including payment and register and pay again. This is ridiculous! Please fix this right away!
I keep running into people who abandon their registration because they came to the pay with cc but don't realize that they can go BACK and check pay with check. Then they show up to the event and we don't have them on the list. So, now I have to email them and beg them to tell me whether they wanted to come or not. First of all, the BACK KEY is not highlighted so it does not look like an option they can choose. Secondly, I have people that register their name only and not choose what they want to attend from the list given. PLEASE have a prompt that will not let them get past this point unless they choose something.

There needs to be a function to "fake extend" the actual date of any event for the admin person.  This is needed to allow time to input any walk ins the day of the event.  It looks too odd to schedule an event that looks like it runs for a month, so for every event, I have to remember to extend it past the actual day ON the day of the event.  This is not always easy to do on a busy event day.


So, it would be great to have a function that is seen only by admin, and not the public.  I understand this is in the pipeline to be created.  I did mention this idea a few months back as well.

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Which pipeline is it in?  I know they most frequently use that one that goes out to Neptune and back.  Hopefully they're using the one that only goes to Mars.



There should be a cut off TIME for when registration closes. it looks like you can only close registration at the end of a day but not in the middle of a day.
It would be great to be able to add participants to the registration list once an event is completed. We had three walk ins to our event today and I would love to include them but there is no way to simply do this. I now have an inaccurate list of participants in my training. Hope this gets done!! Thanks....
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Please! give us the ability to edit the registrant, the number of tickets, or change things in the registration. It is VERY frustrating to have to delete, and then re-register someone.

Well folks — it's been THREE YEARS since this thread was started, requesting the ability to add items to an existing event registration.  Three years ago, your tech team was looking into this "popular request."  In three years, have you found a solution? 

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Hi there,

I was wondering if any of the suggestions were implemented as yet? Here are the ones in particular that I needed::


  • Bulk upload of guests
  • Registration without email address
  • Ability for guests to edit registrations after submission
  • More than one invite for the same event - need to collect extra data only for some guests
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