Allow registrants to cancel or edit their registration

Please provide functionality for registrants to edit thier own registrations after they have submitted them. IT is time consuming to handle that task on an administrative end and most guests don't make the effort to email me to do it for them.


We have a lot of repeat registrants.  It would make ticket buying way easier if they didn't have to re-enter all their base information every time they go to buy a ticket.  This also helps us keep track of buying trends.


Marketing Legend
Would be great to be able to change the registration status. Sometimes folks register at one level but need to change to a different level and we need to show the correct level.
When someone changes their reso for example increases or decreases numbers, clients should be able to manage their own changes without cancelling then having to resubmit the entry.


When a customer is registering for an event it is automatically counting the purchaser as an attendee and then it says guest information and has a drop down where "0" is the default selection. This is very confusing and we have had multiple people accidentally order 1 additional ticket for the event due to them thinking they are selecting the total guests on the drop down. This should be fixed. Just let the purchaser select the total amount of attendees they are purchasing. Also when we have to go refund them through paypal there is then no way for us or constant contact to adjust the registered guest count in the dashboard! REALLY?
We have a person who registered with a guest, we need to cancel the guest and do a partial refund, there is no way to do this currently.
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We run a concert series, for which we use Constant Contact to sell advance tickets.  The structure you use for this process is clumsy for the purchaser.  I'll give you three examples.

  1. If someone wants to buy 4 tickets, he has to register himself, and then add three guests.  Why can't he just buy 4 tickets.  The terms "register" and "guest" are not appropriate for someone buying tickets, and are confusing to first-time purchasers.  I'm continually getting calls from people who don't understand that, or buy one too many tickets.  Why not just put in a field for quantity, and be done with it.
  2. A purchaser cannot buy additional tickets to an existing order.  He must instead place a new order, and with a different email address.  That's clumsy, non-intuitive, and user-hostile.
  3. We close down advance ticket sales at midnight the night before the event so we have time to relay the advance sales info to our on-site staff.  If someone tries to buy a ticket on the day of the event, he receives a message that "Registration is closed".  Again there's that inappropriate term "registration".  And people interpret that message to mean that the concert is sold out.  Please allow us to edit that message to something more informative like, "Advance sales close at midnight the day before the event.  But there are probably tickets available at the door.  For further information go to ....."

And no, don't send me to EventBrite or one of those other services..  They charge a hefty fee compared with our $10.00 ticket price.


Mike Agranoff

Troubadour Concerts Program Chairman

Brand Visionary

Sorry folks.  I thought these suggestions were going to CC's design team.  Not to a community forum.  Not much anyone of you can do about this.  Never mind.


Mike Agranoff.

Hello, It would be great if there was a way to edit the amount of tickets purchased rather than having to cancel all tickets and repurchase. For example, we have customers buy 4 tickets and change their ticket count to 2 tickets. Right now the only option is to cancel all tickets and reenter them.
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