Awaiting Confirmation Contacts can not Resubscribe via JMML Landing Pages

I had to call tech support for help with resubscribing a contact who mistakenly unsubscribed. I found out the "confirmed opt-in" setting has to be turned on while sending the confirmation email and must remain on until a reply is received from the recipient. Since the "confirmed opt-in" feature is not mandatory, it should be clear when the "resubscribe" button is clicked that the "confirmed opt-in" feature must be turned on in order for it to work. 

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Hello @JayneW,


Thank you so much for this feedback. This is definitely something we are tracking reports on and I have opened this post for voting!

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I had the same problem more than once, and no one told me about a confirmed opt in setting?  All I know is my customer missed the email request to re sign in, can't find now and has no time to look for it but wants to be in E-list.  Rep told me my only other option for them getting back into E-list is if I have a subscribe button on my web page (which I don't use much) but THAT was NOT easy, and never got it done because both the constant contact tech nor my Yola site tech new how to connect it up even though they say it can be done.  Still not done.  No time for all this reading and researching how to do this.  There should be more options for helping someone resubscribe without a button on a website.  Thanks.


You MUST make it possible for people to get back on a mailing list, if they are in "awaiting confirmation" status. Isn't trying to join a mailing list proof enough that they want to be on the mailing list?

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To resubscribe someone that has inadvertently unsubscribed I can initiate the process but after that I'm completely in the dark as to what is happening.  The person who wants to be resubscribed is supposed to receive an email but I don't know what that looks like or when or if the person received the memo.  I should be able to track every step of the process, knowing EXACTLY the email sent to the email recipient, when it was sent and what the email recipient did with it.  That way I could guide the email recipient to resubscription.  Currently I don't know what is happening.  I asked for help and your representative told me to have the person requesting resubscription send an email to  The person has done this but the email recipient still shows "awaiting confirmation".  I don't know what is going on at your end!  I need feedback at every step of the process.

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I am experiencing the same problem and it's 6+ months since the last posts so I'm not feeling too confident that this is going to be fixed anytime soon.  Please advise what I can do to get a contact resubscribed since she cannot find the original resubscribe email and she has tried twice to go through our button on our web page, it looks like she's successful in getting resubscribed but what I see on my end is still the "Awaiting Confirmation" status.

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Confirmed Opt-In (or COI) is not required to be turned on prior to sending a resubscribe email. As long as the contact specifically clicks the Resubscribe button in the email, they will be added to the list and you will be sure this follows our send permission requirements. Contacts in Awaiting Confirmation cannot be sent emails.


If you wish to be able to resend the Resubscribe email to a contact in the Awaiting Confirmation status, please vote or comment on the attached thread.

Ability to send resubscribe email more than once

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