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The spammer on the chat was asking me for additional money. He verified my name and email and he said that I have to pay extra for sending big number of emails. What Is see that every plan has unlimited number of contacts. this is the copy of transcript.


Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:39:00 PM): Thank you for chatting with me today! My name is Mandi. Before we get started can you please verify your name and the email address associated with your trial? Me (12/2/2020, 2:39:30 PM):  Me (12/2/2020, 2:39:44 PM):  Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:39:55 PM): Hi Marija, how may I help you today? :smileyface: Me (12/2/2020, 2:41:04 PM): I have a question. Does the price per month will increase if the number of send emails are increasing? Me (12/2/2020, 2:41:33 PM): If my email list is very large , will that impact the price of 20 dollars per moth? Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:41:49 PM): The sends are unlimited to your contacts. The price only increases if the number of contacts goes into the next tier. Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:41:57 PM): How big is your list? Me (12/2/2020, 2:42:03 PM): 40000 Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:42:12 PM): Okay, here is what pricing for that look like: Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:42:58 PM): 30001-35000 $315.00 35001-50000 $335.00 50001-55000 $395.00 Email plus, unlimited sending to your contacts. We also are in the final day of the 40% off your 1t 4 months promo. Me (12/2/2020, 2:43:02 PM): I dont see anything like this on web site just two plans Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:43:21 PM): Anything over 10k contacts gets email plus Me (12/2/2020, 2:43:25 PM): why there is only 20 nad 45 per month Me (12/2/2020, 2:43:36 PM): where is that link Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:43:40 PM): Let me show you how it works with the 1st few tiers so you can see it: Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:43:50 PM): Monthly pricing for our plans: 0-500 contacts - Email $20, Email Plus $45. 501-2500 contacts - Email $45, Email Plus $70. 2501-5K contacts - Email $65, Email Plus $95. 5,000-10K contacts - Email $95, Email Plus $125. Once you have over 10K, you automatically get our Email Plus plan: 10,001 - 15K contacts $195 All of these plans allow for unlimited sending to your contacts. Me (12/2/2020, 2:43:59 PM): where is that link Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:44:11 PM): I don't have a link for it Me (12/2/2020, 2:44:37 PM): but how youcan charge me if you dont have the link on the website with rules like that Mandi (12/2/2020, 2:45:17 PM): We go over it with you when you talk with your coach. Would you like to have him give you a call? Me (12/2/2020, 2:46:08 PM): Actually I dont want to.

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Hi @MarijaT we apologize for any confusion there may be with the pricing on your account. While users do have the ability to send an unlimited amount of emails to their contacts, pricing on an account is based on both your email plan and the amount of active contacts in your account. Because of this if you upgrade from our basic Email Plan to our Email Plus Plan or if you upload a large amount of contacts, your pricing will increase to the appropriate level. However for your account security if you have any further questions or concerns on the billing for your account please call into our Billing Support directly. One of these agents can help take a closer look.

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