Block email domains when sending a campaign

I don't understand how I can block communications to a particular zip code but not to an email domain (i.e. I've never had any reason block communications to particular zip code.  I have plenty of reasons to block communication to our competitors.


This seems to me to be an easy top of list update. This functionality exists on other platforms. 


Thank you for providing that information. While this isn't an available feature, there is a workaround to accomplish this task. You can search for a domain while viewing your contacts. From there, you'll add the contacts to a list and apply a tag. When scheduling an email, you'll select the appropriate lists and then narrow by tag, selecting "don't send to contacts who are also tagged with" and choosing the tag you applied to those contacts with the blocked domain. This will prevent your email from being sent to them.

Campaign Collaborator

I understand the work around. It is cumbersome and wastes time. It would be nice to have a one and done and simple solution. I really don't understand why it is so hard to get someone on your side to see how valuable this little piece of functionality is.

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