Campaigns Missing in Search Results

Your search function is frustrating and not useful. If words are in a title of a campaign, they should just show up when I use those words in search.

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! The good news is we have received word from our engineers that this issue has been resolved. If it is still occurring or if you have any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.

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It's REALLY annoying that I cannot search campaigns! I put a complaint or two in about this a while back and it's still not resolved. I just searched for a campaign I did on Bellacana wines and searching the word Bellacana results in nothing, however I know I sent an email on it May 16 (after hand searching through your calendar). I complained about this over a month ago! Rediculous it's not fixed yet. Sorry, I don't have time to dig right now to find the ticket number for your rep who agreed it was a problem on your site.

Hi @SabrinaK203. I'm sorry this is happening for you. We've seen similar instances happening as well with other customers. I was able to locate the campaign using the Search feature under the Reporting tab. Does this work for you (I also noticed it was spelled Belacana in the original email)?

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Hi - wanted to add clarification as I am having the same issue.

I sent several e-mails in the past few month that have the word "survey" in the campaign title.

If I search "survey" and toggle from "new-to-old", these e-mails do NOT come up. I get e-mails with "survey" in the title from months and even years ago, and they do appear in "new-to-old" order, but the newer emails are excluded. This seems to be the case with other terms I'm searching. Campaigns from the past 7 months or so are not showing up in search. Very frustrating.

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Hi, I am also having issues with this, as CEEMktg described. The search does not seem to comprehensively return all results for any given keyword - I am able to find the campaign I am searching for maybe 50% of the time. 


I'm having this same issue. Searching a string of numbers or a client name yields no results, yet I can manually search for campaigns I've created and find them.

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so far it's useless
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Hi @DaveM68. Could you explain more what you mean by this? How have you used the search feature so far? Were there campaigns that have not appeared when you have done a search?

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When I type i a text phrase from an email just below and listed under my existing campaigns it finds NOTHING of the matter.  Let's say for example I have an email I created a couple of days ago and it has the word DOG in both the subject and in the body of the email (which DOG wasn't the case but using it as en example), it came up and said:

Sorry! we couldn't find any results for "DOG".

Please make sure everything is spelled correctly, or try viewing all campaigns.


I tried it NUMEROUS times, and I also just tried it again to get the response I typed in above..
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Also, when it does find search content it's all random.  It's putting random dates from 2014 before 2019, and all crazy dates in between.  Nothing sorted, just random stuff from random dates.


Hi @nyckr. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you give examples of keywords that you have used in the search that haven't produced results?




@CEEMktg I was able to replicate the same issue with your survey keyword. I've noted this in your account. As a workaround for the time being, you can use the search function under the Reporting tab since this will pull in your more recent emails.

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