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I REALLY need to be able to add a caption under photos in our newsletters. The option of adding text on top of a photo is not a good option at all. The caption should be immediately beneath the photo in a stand alone text box. Also, it would be extremely helpful to be able to position a photo within an article anywhere within the photo -- not at the very top.

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We are updating the status of all ideas to hopefully provide better insight into where the issue is in the product pipeline. The status of this idea is being updated to Under Consideration meaning the request is known and there is a ticket in our product/engineering backlog for this item. Thank you for all the feedback so far.


There used to be a tab on the image menu  drop down to create a caption for an image without having to add a text box and then it messing up the rest of the email.  Now it is tedious at best to add a caption and it messes up the text and spacing.  Today I called for help and still it took me probably an extra hour to try and get everything in alignment.  One of the caption is still off center.  There used to be the option for the caption.....why would you take that away?  Please add it back into the image menu, is very frustrating. 


Why can't constant contact add a captioning function to the third generation? It was available in the previous generation AND folks have been complaining about this for FIVE years! What gives, CC? 

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Hard to believe this was suggested 3 years ago and has not been fixed.  Please consider adding image captions to your functionality sooner rather than later.  This is a pretty basic ask for a communications tool such as Constant Contact.


Amazed that adding a photo caption is not possible. May need to switch mail services.


I agree, this new editor is really frustrating for some of the important things that are missing like easily adding captions and links to photos and being able to wrap text around a photo anywhere in the email instead of being stuck with making more text boxes etc. Wish I hadn't switched.


I agree with this; please advise how to do this. Thanks.


Desperately need photo captions back.  We have been waiting for an inordinate amount of time.  PHOTO CAPTIONS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!.  Also where is the ability for hyperlinks to photos and text.  My readers want the ability to go to a link and return with additional learned information.  The current editor is not an improvement without significant add ons.  


I totally agree that I would l would like to be able to put simple captions below photos within articles. This worked well in your previous system but does not work at all in the current one.

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Yes, yes, yes! And why is it taking so long to do this!???

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