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I REALLY need to be able to add a caption under photos in our newsletters. The option of adding text on top of a photo is not a good option at all. The caption should be immediately beneath the photo in a stand alone text box. Also, it would be extremely helpful to be able to position a photo within an article anywhere within the photo -- not at the very top.

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We are updating the status of all ideas to hopefully provide better insight into where the issue is in the product pipeline. The status of this idea is being updated to Under Consideration meaning the request is known and there is a ticket in our product/engineering backlog for this item. Thank you for all the feedback so far.


My client demands that photo credits appear on every photo. Without a caption placeholder attached to a photo, text cannot be wrapped around a photo. And if the credit is added with the image editor (which is not machine-readable or linkable), it must be redone with every edit or crop of the photo. This is the single most frustrating and tedious aspect of using CC. Please add this feature or bring back the code-editor (preferably both)!

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In the early days of CC we used to be able to add credits to photos. Whatever happened to that capability? I've managed to work around it in my work but it sure would be nice to have it back.

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So true, all of what you said. I would add one more thing, that along with restoring the feature, there has to be a way to adjust the positioning of the caption/credit in relation to the image. The huge spaces between block elements that are enforced by the programming and unchangeable by the user wreak havoc with our control over design. So that should be fixed too, while the developers are at it.

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