Change color on clicked links

It would be great if the clicked link color could be customized to your own color palette.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @JenniferW733. Thanks for the idea! We'll update the status of this post to Acknowledged. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

Campaign Contributor

I'm having this same problem.  My buttons are dark purple because that is the main color in my business color palette.  The lettering is white, but once the button is clicked on by the user, it turns to a dark purple and makes the button completely UNREADABLE.  If the user goes back to the newsletter, they have no idea what that button is for unless the close the document and re-open it.


Ideally, we should be able to select the color once it's clicked -- I would likely use a light green since that is also a primary color in my branding.


I spoke to the help desk and they informed me there is no way to control the color of a clicked link.


In my opinion, having users be able to read the text on a button once they have clicked it, is not a "nice to have" feature.  It is an essential feature.  Constant Contact is in the business of providing a platform that communicates clearly and effectively.  This clicked button text color issue falls very short of the mark.


I recommend that this bug be fixed right away.  Does anyone know how to elevate these types of concerns?


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Totally agree with @JenniferW733. This is the feature we need. In the style section of the email, where you select the link color, there should be an option to select the color of a visited link. I understand that the default link color and style in all browsers is underlined and purple. But Not everyone wants their button to be a light color, and as soon as you select a darker color for your unvisited link (the only color we're allowed to control through the interface) you end up with unreadable button text.


So just changing the default color is not a good solution. I don't know how to elevate this proposal but hopefully one of the CC people in the thread can do it for us. This has been under discussion for some time, though I'm not seeing the earlier part of the thread here. (I subsequently found it at Many less important changes have been made in the interface since then.

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Dark purple is key color in my branding color palette.  Our buttons are dark purple with white text when emailed to our readers.  Then, once clicked, the color of the text automatically goes to a purple tone which renders the buttons completely unreadable to our clients.  The feedback that I have received from clients is that this is very frustrating, even alarming for some, because after they explore the newsletter, click on a few buttons, then decide what action they would like to take, they are unable to find the button related to the action they have decided to take because by virtue of exploring that button, the button has become unintelligible when they are ready to take action!  I am losing clients because of this - especially new clients and we all know that new clients equals growth which equals our very survival in a competitive environment.  I am thinking about cancelling my Constant Contact account and switching to a new email management service because I cannot customize the clicked-text-color on my "call to action" buttons.  My clients are frustrated, and I can't afford to let this continue.  Please make a fix to the email development options and allow business owners (YOUR clients) to customize the color on buttons once that button has been clicked.

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I'm not a coder of this kind of stuff, but it does seem like it should be an easy option to add.

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