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Create Multi Level Bullets in Campaigns

Hello- Is there a way to have sub-bulleted lists without having to restart a list?


i.e. I would like to use a numbers list but then have sub-bullets that are either little letters (a, b, c, etc) or plain bullets and then be able to go back to the main list. Right now the list starts over when I add a sub-bullet. 


Also the ability to have line breaks between a numbered list would be ideal as evidenced below. This doesn't work in the email template.


  1.  example
    • dtlk
  2. djlaksd 


Hello @SloaneS70 ,


At this time, to accommodate the mobile compatibility necessary for higher deliverability, sub-lists and additional indentations for bulleted and numbered lists isn't possible in the current email editor. However, our engineers are still investigating ways this might be possible for the editor in the future. We'll open this idea up for voting.
In the meantime, this can be circumvented by setting up the bulleted list (and sub-lists) in a text program, then screencapping it. You can then insert that screencap into your email like an image, and resize as needed to make it appear as part of your text.

Campaign Expert

I, too would like to have this feature available.


-Kris Sheridan,

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. At this time, sub-bullets cannot be edited to change from the original list type (numbered to bullets or bullets to numbered). We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


The emails I create in Constant Contact consist of a lot of information, technical and qualitative, and require very specific standards for formatting information. 


First, I would love to see multiple variations of where indentations can start. For example, if using numbers within bullet points, or vice versa, it would be great if these two list items can align to different placements. Also, another feature I have seen in other email databases is automatically generating sharable hyperlinks for email campaigns (that only the email creator can access). This would be helpful in this case so I could show you what I am referring to. 

  • Here is an example: 
  1. If I wanted to list numbers underneath the bullet point above and show that the bullet is a parent of this list, it would be great if the numbers could indent farther to the right than the bullet point. 


Next, I also found that I am not able to put any elements on the sides of a table inserted into my emails or adjust the overall width of a table. This is also a feature that has been requested by some of our attorneys writing content. 


I hope you will read and take my suggestions into account!


I am trying to lay out a list like this, and it seems to be impossible. (Ironic that I can do it in this comment section but not in your actual product!)


1. item

  • subbullet

2. item

3. item


Worth noting that this is all in one text block. When I put a break in the numbered list to create a bullet, #2 in the list restarts the numbering at 1. If I indent the subbullet from the numbered list manually, it is numbered as #2 and my #2 turns into #3. If I remove the numbering formatting and just put numbers in manually, CC creates an automatically numbered list for me, which then restarts my numbering again.


This is ridiculous. There is no reason for a subbullet in a numbered list to be part of the numbering at the parent level. And if your automatic lists are so inflexible that they can't accommodate a basic outline format, then allow users to just number lists manually without forcing them into numbered lists! I work for a government body and we are trying to disseminate agendas for public meetings. We can't just go around altering the structure of the agenda for some of our communications because our email client can't accommodate the incredible simple formatting we are using.


Directing users to taking a screenshot and insert it flies in the face of accessibility practices. The alt text interface has even less formatting flexibility, so you are suggesting that users treat visually-impaired audience members as second-class citizens. This is a wholly inadequate response.


Any progress on this feature?  It's been in discussion for a few years now...

When you add the Bullets it will automatically get aligned and Constant Contact does not have a option to edit the spaces. This is how it looks. The space left of the bullet is too wide and it looks weird in the Newsletter, not professional. There should be an opCapture.JPGtion to make the space less wide.  

Campaign Expert

Also very interested in sub-bullet formating. Right now it's very limiting.

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