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Customer service Name ID

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When I call customer service from an android phone, Reservoir place is what pops up. I looked and it seems like that is where you are located so it's probably pulling that info from Google maps. Not sure what you can do about it but it would seem more professional/assuring for the customer calling to know that they are indeed calling Constant Contact. 

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Hi @ContEdUofU what is the number you're being connected to? Is this only happening through Google Maps on an Android device? Are you able to connect through any of the support numbers listed in our Help Center?

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Sorry for the late reply.

I should clarify - I'm not being re-directed, it's just that instead of the caller-id being Constant Contact, it's Reservoir place. 


It happens when I directly call your customer service number (not from google maps) and when the line is being connected, the caller ID pops up like that instead of "constant contact customer support" or the like. 


Hopefully that clarifies it. There isn't an issue connecting to the right person. 

It might have been updated since - I'll update here next time I call. 

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