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Don't make extra work for people who have annual events

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It was a rude surprise for me to find out that I have to recreate all the emails for my event this year because you've updated the events and the old emails that I usually just update can no longer be copied over. I think this is lame.  Like you don't have the technology available to copy my emails from last year?? I'm not happy!!

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Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Hi @RichB1. Emails that were created in the Legacy tool used our second-generation editor which has not been in use for years and is no longer supported. This editor used a different backend experience from the current editor which would cause difficulty in recreating the email in a completely new editor.


To ensure continuity and the best email experience, there are no plans to include a migration functionality to turn 2GE emails into emails that use the cross-platform editor. 

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