Edit Resend to Non Openers email before it sends

I'd like to see if you have content that goes out that is rescheduled to go out again for those that did not open the first time around, that you're able to make edits to the content.  I found an error in something that originally went out, however, I'm unable to make the edit and have the content go out only to those that did not open the first time around.  I'd have to do another blast.

Campaign Contributor

I've voted in favor of this at the top of this thread. It would be extremely helpful to be able to edit a campaign before the scheduled resend to non-openers.  My unit uses CC at a university. Faculty and staff can be brutal, jumping on the occasional misplaced comma, apostrophe, etc., and then sending emails pointing out anything that might be amiss. At least three of us review and edit before we send, but we still miss something now and again because we're human. Having the option to edit before the message goes out on resend to non-openers would be a relief for us and, frankly, would improve morale. Please improve the system by enabling clients to use this feature. Mistakes happen, but they needn't be compounded by re-sending. 

Campaign Contributor

YES, absolutely this needs to be addressed. Everyone has stated the reasons for this over and over again -- please make it happen!


I don't understand how this has not been done yet. Other companies let you do this. It is so frustrating to see your mistakes TWICE.

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I see it looks like people gave up on this a couple years ago, not surprisingly since no action seems to be taken. I would just like to add a dimension to the concept of edting an email before you resend it to people who didn't open. Yes, it may be that you made mistakes in the first email that you want to correct, but even more so it seems to me that when you are re-sending an email several days after it was first sent it is likely that there could be some time-related references that you may want to change to the people getting it later. Maybe the original email announced registration for an event that was open for a week after the send. When you do the resend you might want to change that to something like "Two days left to register!" If you use your imagination you can come up with many different things like that where it would be useful to make small edits, not just a matter of correcting earlier errors. You might even want to add a sentence at the top: "We hope you didn't miss hearing about ________." I don't remember if you can even change the subject line, but IIRC, if you CAN change it, you have to decide what you want the subject line to be when setting up the first send, you can't create the subject line just when you are ready for it to go out.

I know you can create a list of people who didn't open the first, and duplicate the email and make your edits, but it's quite a few extra steps, plus it doesn't merge the analytics for the two sends into one report.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you all for sharing your use cases with us for why a scheduled resend would need to be edited. We sent these over to the appropriate teams. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


I can't believe this doesn't exist after years of people asking for it. I just wanted to do the same thing... one tiny mistake. I can't even. 

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I've already requested this - being able to correct the email to be resent to non-openers. But it seems you want us to nag you a lot more before you do anything about it. So here I am again, PLEASE do something about this lacking feature! 

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I agree, most of these types of obviously needed fixes take somewhere around 2 years or 3 editor versions, if they get fixed at all. I am happy, however, that we are now finding out something about what stage the thinking (or lack thereof) on Constant Contact's side is in.


I came here specifically looking for how I can edit an email before the re-send goes out to non-openers, and I'm really disappointed to find that it was requested 3 years ago and is still not available. It should've been programmed like that from the start, but I really hope that from this thread, your team will see it's really necessary.


Please add my vote for the ability to edit the "resend to non-openers" it just makes the entire feature of resending much more effective to be able to add minor updates and edit errors.  Please remind the appropriate team members that this feature is still needed, first requested 5 years ago. Thank you.

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