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Something has changed with your email reporting in that the "date sent" now equals the last time there was an attempt to send to bounced emails. Can you please add a column that shows the initial sent date and time? Its very confusing to seeing the order of my emails all jumbled up.

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Hi @BoardofTrade thanks for sharing this idea with us! We have opened it up so other users can weigh in as well.

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Reporting now shows the initial send date. Additional send times such as resends to non openers or Quicksends will display under Email Details with Send History. Thank you!

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I don't think it's working. I just pulled a report and the first email on the list is an email I sent in January. I did open that email today to make a copy so I could use it as a starting point of a new email I am working on


Time SentCampaign Name
04/15/2021 17:39WTC - BC - BC-India Trade - Jan 19 2021
04/15/2021 13:31Sustainable series - ESG april 15, 2021

Hi @BoardofTrade. This looks to be a separate issue from the original post. I'm going to reach out to you through email to continue the conversation since we need some account-specific information. 

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