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Email delivery to MSN addresses

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The email delivery to MSN addresses continues now after at least 6 weeks of documented problems. Your reps just cop the plea there is nothing you can do. Well there had better be something you can do to STAY IN BUSINESS. Get your legal team involved and pursue the potential of a loss of business lawsuit because you are going to start losing clients. Your inability to fix the email delivery problem to MSN addresses is costing me business, so I am about to start your losing business. After 5 years, I am about to move my account to another provider. And I have and will continue to alert my business associates that Constant Contact is not reliably delivering their email. Constant Contact simply has NOT stepped up to solving the MSN deliverability issue!  

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hello @JohnA405,


Thank you for submitting this feedback, we completely understand that deliverability to all your contacts is very important for your business. We have been notified that the Hotmail deferral issue has been resolved and email should no longer be delaying when sending to MSN addresses.


Please continue to let us know of any issues that come up!


My MSN customers are saying they are not getting messages.  

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