Enhanced functionality with Automation Path Builder

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Hello team!

5 years with and it was pretty straightforward there. I didnt know it doesn't exist here before I moved to CC.


When selecting


>Create custom path

>Starting point

Trigger - someone is added to the list

When i press the ... to Edit this, it shows me the list I want to send it to and I have multiple lists so I can choose which list to send automations to

(No issues so far)


However, just like I can select from multiple contact list and choose 1, kindly add within the contact list, the option of

"Send this content to contacts whose ..." (required)
Add drop down: job title (or city or state or company) 


________________ (required)


This feature actually exists in CC under different scenario.

Here is how I get to it:

>New campaign

>Hover over UI and click the bulb on the right that says "make this layout dynamic"

>"Send this content to contacts whose ..." (required)
drop down: job title (or city or state or company) 


________________ (required)


This way, I am able to send automations to only people who have subscribed to my mailing list from a specific city or a company or a job title. I do not want to create a new contact list everytime I create an automation for people working in different companies, located in different cities or jobs. 


Hope my explanation is clear. Looking forward to the feature!

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @VIPNewHomes. Thank you for the feedback on our automated path builder. As we continue to build it out, we like to hear what kinds of enhancements or improvements would help to create a more customized flow that best suits your needs. I'll set this request as Acknowledged. It should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release or update to the builder.


I'm really glad you have introduced email automations this year! I'm a big fan.


I have a suggestion or suggestions that will make creating email automatons easier.


Currently, If I want to resend an an email 

This creates a whole new "branch on the tree" 

Ideally, in a yes-no scenario when sending a reminder email, if that person triggers the action, I want to be able to have the action lead back to the original "branch" and not have to create a copy of that same email.


It's difficult to explain but I would be more than happy to talk with someone to explain, and even show how much more simplified email automation can be. 

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