Event Emails - need time to send Thank Yous after event

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I wanted to send a thank you to our event participants but I'm not able to through the event module since the event is over.
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Hi @MichelleC2069,

Thanks for your feedback! I do apologize about this experience. Were you looking to send an email to all of those that you invited? Or were you looking to send an email to just those that registered/attended? 


Once an event is "completed", you no longer have the ability to create invitations for that specific event as it has finished. However, you should be able to send an email to anyone who registered for your event! There should be a banner at the top of your completed event stating "Your event is complete! You can email your registrants, or try a survey to get their feedback!". 



Thanks Maxine. Unfortunately, most of our event registrants/attendees did not register through Constant Contact, most were offline. Because of this, we had to thank ~100 people, but only 1 was online. So when I went to send another email, I couldn't just use the registered group, I had to make a separate group and send the email outside of the event. It wasn't ideal, it was a good enough work around, but I think it would be extremely helpful to still email from the event since the email templates look different outside of it. I appreciate your insight. 

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