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After creating an event and before the first email invitation is scheduled to send, the event received several registrations. When the first email invitations were sent, all registrants received the first email invitation. There should be a way to prevent email invitations from being sent to event registrants. It's understood how the "Send email only to: Non-responders" works. However, the Non-responders option is unavailable until the first invitation is sent. 


Hello @PeterT4965. How would you define "non-responders" in this case when there wasn't an invitation sent out? It would be hard to determine who registered for the event when our system doesn't know who was invited but I'd like to know more.

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Non-responders are those who have not yet registered, canceled a registration or declined an event. The system does know who's invited to the event from recipients of "the first email invitation scheduled to send."


Furthermore, the option to create an email to non-responders is not available until after the first invitation is sent. This option should be available after the first invitation is scheduled to send.


Think of managing several dozen events over the course of several months. Ideally, you would create all the events and schedule the first email invitations to send approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the event. In the meantime, the events appear on your calendar and people register ahead of the email invitation. They should not be sent an invitation to an event they are already registered to attend. 

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Thank you for telling us what you are looking to achieve. We are working on an updated event tool but can't guarantee this type of functionality will be included. I'll mark this feedback as Acknowledged and provide any updates we may hear.

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