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[Events 2.0] Ability to update payment status manually

Events 2.0 Beta lacks the ability to change the Payment Status or the number of tickets or items. 


Scenario: Registrant selects two of three available tickets and payment by check. After registration, the registrant wishes to purchase the third ticket and sends a check for three tickets. Event administration receives the check and cannot change the Payment Status from Pending to Paid or add the third ticket to the registration. 


I have registrants who are inquiring why their payment status has not changed from pending to paid.  I have no idea what to tell them as I cannot change their status.  This is a blunder by Constant Contact.

Campaign Contributor

When will we be able to change a payment status from PENDING to PAID when registrants pay by check? This is a very important feature for us and will be a game-changer if this issue is not resolved. 

Campaign Contributor

In the new event module, when a participant pays by check it is not possible to change the payment status from PENDING to PAID when the check is received. This was possible in the old event module, and it is a very important feature for our organization. 


Hi @KarenH0880,


Thank you for your interest in this feature. I just received word that the feature will be added in March, so pretty soon!

Status changed to: Planned

This feature is expected to release in March 2024!

Constant Contact Partner

i echo these comments.  Just spent an hour on the phone with support.   Two essential features now gone with  the new 2.0 Events Product:  1.) As the administrator I no longer get an email saying someone has registered for my event.   2.) When the customer receives their email confirmation they receive no details of what they registered for such as arrival/departue date,  the meetings/social functions/activities of all the questions I built into the registration form.  How is a customer to know what they signed up for?????   Oh, I guess they can call me???????   I only have 1500  registrants for this upcoming year.   While John in Support was very good and honest and went the extra mile, the end result is no one can tell me IF and WHEN they might do these features.   Without them,  the product is not useful to me.    Also was told that old EVENTS product is gone starting 4/1/2024.  Why can't they extend that til they get the new product right.  I've been a partner for at least 8 years and LOVED,, LOVED, LOVED the old product.    Would have been nice to be able to be involved.   


It's March 2024 and I still cannot change payment status. Unacceptable.


In whatever version we are using, participants cannot even choose to pay by check. We had to build in a code for them.


These were 2 critical components when dealing with school systems since most payment are through the purchase order process. We have been severely handicapped with this and had to work twice as hard to work this out.


Your updates need updates!  Please!   It's March 2024 and I still cannot change payment status on line. This makes more work for many of us. It is not user friendly at all.  PLEASE CORRECT THIS ISSUE SOON.  Thanks!


Marketing Legend

Now that we have the option to change the payment status from Pending to Paid, and Paid to Refunded or Pending, we are missing the ability to change the number of tickets or items; see original message.


Administrator, please change the subject line to reflect the original idea accurately. 


Also, on the exported reports, "Payment Date" for Paid tickets notes the Registration Date, not the date the payment status was changed.

We need the ability to change the Payment Method so the export reports reflect the proper payment method.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hi all. The payment status of a registrant can now be manually updated.

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