[Events 2.0] Customize Events & Event Calendar, Option to view/share Event Calendar for integrations

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  1. It would be helpful to be able to customize the look and feel of the event sign-up forms, like making a template or default style where you can customize fonts, how buttons look, where certain information is, etc.
  2. And it would also be nice to do this as well with the events calendar.
  3. It would also be nice to be able to either make tags for events or make multiple calendars. For example, we have different kinds of "events" and would like to allow subscribers to "filter" what kind of events they want to see & sign-up for if wanted.
  4. It would also be helpful if you can select which calendar you want to add the event to when clicking "add to calendar".
  5. Also, it would be extremely helpful if there is a way to have the option to ask certain questions depending on if they've registered in the past or not or if they're on a certain list. For example, we would like to make the process a lot quicker/simpler for our registrants, whereas, we would need more information for newcomers/guests.
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Hi all. There have been multiple updates to the event tool since the original post came through.


  • The Event Calendar is live in accounts. There are no current plans to include an auto-add feature so events must be added manually. Many of our customers regularly host events that are not available to the public and are invite-only.
  • An Event calendar HTML widget is in the works! There isn't a date set for when it will be available in accounts but if we hear any movement, we'll share it here.
  • We do have any updates to share regarding the event calendar link going directly to the registration page instead of the event landing page. Once again, we'll share updates when they are available.




Hi @katumana


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! The good news is wanting more customization options for the event registration form is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. We recommend sharing your need for this directly on its idea thread so you may be notified properly of any updates. We also would be happy to address the remaining requests you have shared:


2. Customizations of event calendar - At this time, we do not have plans to include this type of functionality due to the low number of tracks from other customers and the prioritization of other ideas. If we hear anything in the future regarding this feature request, we will update this thread. 

3. filtering on event calendar

4. Add to calendar link on events - The add to calendar link saves the event as an ICS file . This file type is actually a universal calendar format that can be used by several email and calendar programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. What type of calendar are you looking to connect your event to? How would you expect for this to be done?

5. Wanting hidden questions based on their response to a previous question - While this feature isn't currently available, as a workaround users can create a custom field either through the Custom Information section or custom question under Personal Information. They can then ask registrants to put "N/A" if they are not a newcomer or guest.


While we can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the ideas shared in this post, we will keep it open and continue to collect both requests along with use case examples from other users as well.

Status changed to: Gathering Information
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3. filtering on event calendar - is there a way we can add "tags" to events and have options to click a tag on the event calendar to show events only tagged with that tag?

4. Add to calendar link on events - It would be helpful to have an "Add to Google Calendar" button that will go straight to Google Calendar with the event details to save it to a calendar. 

5. Wanting hidden questions based on their response to a previous question - Is there a way that this could be "verified" to make sure they are actually registered without them just saying they are and being able to sign-up anyways?


Hi @katumana 


At this time having the ability to select specific calendar types, add tags an event on your Constant Contact calendar, or have hidden questions are not available features. We have however tracked these requests and your follow-up details on your behalf.

We also use the live calendar feature in Constant Contact. That is the main reason we opted for Constant Contact over other similar programs. It is disappointing to hear that this feature will likely be going away.

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My company has been using Constant Contact Happily for about three years. We’re shifting away now because constant contact is getting rid of the legacy events and are not keeping up with our timeline. We can only schedule through March now and that’s not sufficient.

We might be able to work around the lag in time but the fact that you’re discontinuing the live calendar is a big no-go for us. We would send all of our clients to the live calendar link and they register through Constant Contact and you get a nice little bit of money for that. Because you’re getting rid of the live calendar and the inferior nature of the Beta events has us looking elsewhere. Will start with Google calendar and see how it goes from there. I really wish CC would leave things as they are, but numerous requests have gone unanswered or with unsatisfactory answers like, “the engineers have been working on it since 2021“. 


other than that, we love Constant Contact. 😞

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Constant Contact told me the live, legacy event calendar will be DISCONTINUED. Is this still the plan? Asking one more time, hoping CC has changed its mind, and before I do a TON of work to create a different calendar, loop that in, and drop in the link for EACH of 50+ events a year ... all so it can direct customers right back to CC, where they take a good chunk of $$. BTW, any particular reason CC you are dropping the live calendar? The live calendar is where we direct all customers. After March 2024, we don't yet know where we'll be directing them. Please! keep the live calendar! Here's CC's page where they discuss how great the live calendar is (and we agree): 


Good Morning, 


We were previously using the legacy events and would link our training calendar from CC to the training website. From the training website, people could click on the event and be taken right to the registration page and sign up. This was all hosted and taken care of from CC. 


Now the new Events 2.0 makes it so the events don't synch any more and you want us to move to hosting the calendar through google, outlook etc. and it will update there. That is fine but now when someone clicks on the event, they aren't taken to event landing page to sign up but rather are told to sign into CC. It would be great to change this back to the landing pages vs.. signing in. It is making our events inaccessible to trainees. Thank you!


Good afternoon, We previously used Eventbrite for event registration and promotion, but now that they are charging for events larger than 100 registrants we have decided to use Constant Contact instead for registration. Along with being a useful social media site to find events, one thing that I like about Eventbrite is that they have website plug-ins that auto populate any event we create in Eventbrite onto our website. Now that we use Constant Contact, we will need to manually insert our events. Would Constant Contact ever create an auto populating event feature to put into websites? Is there something we can do using Constant Contact? It would help us a lot.

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It is vital that we be able to continue the Calendar function in Events 2.0.


We have a few clients that are training centers. The calendar allowed current and potential students to see all the courses offered in one place and from there, click and register. Not having this 'global' overview in a simple to use format is going to severely hamper these training centers.


This needs to be brought back or I'm afraid our clients will discontinue using Constant Contact for another venue.


Thank you

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