[Events 2.0] Customize Events & Event Calendar, Option to view/share Event Calendar for integrations

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  1. It would be helpful to be able to customize the look and feel of the event sign-up forms, like making a template or default style where you can customize fonts, how buttons look, where certain information is, etc.
  2. And it would also be nice to do this as well with the events calendar.
  3. It would also be nice to be able to either make tags for events or make multiple calendars. For example, we have different kinds of "events" and would like to allow subscribers to "filter" what kind of events they want to see & sign-up for if wanted.
  4. It would also be helpful if you can select which calendar you want to add the event to when clicking "add to calendar".
  5. Also, it would be extremely helpful if there is a way to have the option to ask certain questions depending on if they've registered in the past or not or if they're on a certain list. For example, we would like to make the process a lot quicker/simpler for our registrants, whereas, we would need more information for newcomers/guests.
Is there a feature to add to calendar for the new beta version in 2024? If not, is there a "shortcut" to adding one that someone can share with me? Thank you!

Please create the option to access embed codes for Event calendars. Separately, please also include the calendar title within the calendar window (as it was included in the previous calendar version). 

Brand Visionary

We are a training group and also need a global view for the event calendar.  The legacy events had the "Attend My Events' widget that populated a listing of of our classes to our website.  We also had the link for a full calendar view but our customers want to look at a list of classes and not flip through a calendar.  We need the "Attend My Events" widget back.

Campaign Contributor

Under your old software, we would check a box if we wanted people directed to the Landing Page first, rather than the Registration Page. 


With the new 2.0 "upgrade", after an event is created, activated, and added to my Event Calendar, people who click on an event on the Event Calendar are sent directly to the Registration Page and the Landing Page is completely bypassed. There is no option for me to say that I want everyone sent to the Landing Page first. 


In addition, you used to have a wigit I could install on my website that showed all of my upcoming events in list format - and when someone clicked on it, they would be sent to the Landing Page. We have been told that is also not an option right now and sharing our Event Calendar link is the ONLY way to communicate all of our events to our customers.


I chatted with your Customer Support and they said there is no option for people to be sent to the Landing Page from the Event Calendar. This is a HUGE HUGE problem. I have 10-15 different events every single month. They all have different times, costs and details, and it is absolutely imperative that my customers are able to read the details about each event prior to registering. By sending everyone directly to the registration page, I am essentially asking for them to give me their time and money without ever telling them what they will learn at the event and how it will benefit them.


As it stands currently, if I want my customers to be able to see the landing pages, I have to manually add every single event and each individual landing page link to my website so they can see the information. That is ridiculous and a complete waste of my time. Not giving us a way to easily share landing pages completely changes the way we have to market an event - in a very negative way. You exist to make marketing EASIER, not more difficult.


So how do you change this? When we add an event to the Event Calendar, the Landing Page should be the link that gets populated to the calendar. NOT the Registration Page. The Landing Page should always be the default because that houses all of the event information. If you want to add an option for people to bypass the Landing Page and go straight to the Registration Page, then fine. But to not even allow us to make the Landing Page the default is a very serious design flaw. If this is not fixed extremely rapidly, I will need to change products. Constant Contact can no longer provide what we need to get people to our events as it currently works with the 2.0 migration.

Campaign Contributor

When changing from legacy to Events 2.0, the script available for adding a list view calendar into a widget have been eliminated. Please bring it back!

Campaign Contributor

You all desperately need to bring back the plug-in that allows our Upcoming Events to populate in list format to our website. It existed in the old platform and was hugely important to getting people to register for our events. Simply adding the link to our event calendar is horribly insufficient. In addition, when someone clicks on the event calendar, they aren't even able to see the landing page - it just goes straight to registration. The default click should ALWAYS be the landing page if one has been activated.


The overall "look" of emails and landing pages has improved, but beyond that, the functionality is much, much worse. 

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