[Events 2.0] Global Limit Of Registrants When Multiple Ticket Types Are Offered

Good afternoon We give in person courses. If I setup a ticket for the full price, and I create a ticket for an "early registration" fee, which gives them a discount for signing up early, each ticket has a max tickets sold amount. Is there a way to make a max tickets sold for the event? The old platform had a Max registrations for the event. The new platform does not seem to have it. If it does not have it, any suggestions on how to make a max attendance so the event does not allow any more registrations so we do not go over the amount we can allow to sign up? Also, by setting up two separate tickets, the new platform shows both tickets available on check out. The old system showed the discounted price only until the date expired and than it showed the full price. Having both available does not make sense and is confusing.

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More thought should be given to the Quantity available for tickets. When setting the quantity available for an event with multiple ticket amounts, you may not necessarily want to set the quantity for each ticket but the overall tickets available.


Scenario 1: The Pot Luck Dinner event has two tickets, one for adults and one for children with different prices. The capacity of the room is 100 people. You would set the quantity available for the total of all tickets to 100, and not individual tickets.


To complicate matters further: Scenario 2: The Pot Lunch Dinner has optional after-dinner movie tickets, adult and child with different prices. The quantity of movie tickets available would be separate from the Pot Lunch Dinner quantity available.


The new system does not allow me to set a registration limit for an event, as we had in the legacy system. Now you can set a limit per ticket, but not for the overall event. I have 4-5 different registration types!!! Please change this immediately!!! Not happy at all


Our organization also needs the global registration limit functionality.  We offer registrations at several different price points, but have an overall attendee limit for our venue.  Please restore this functionality from Legacy events.  

Campaign Expert

Is there any hope of getting this soon?  


I'm getting down to the wire on my next event, and I'm not sure I can manage it without this feature.

I do not see an option to set a limit to the registration to an event?

Hi everyone. Thanks for your feedback about setting a global limit for capacity against all configured ticket types. This work is in progress and planned for an early May release. 

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 9.17.38 AM.png


Once it's available, you'll continue to have access to setting ticket-level quantities with an added global limit that cannot be exceeded. I can share another update here once it's released so you are notified. 



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Someone at Constant Contact should be working overtime on this request.  It should be a high priority to add a check box on the event basics page to limit the number of attendees/tickets.  Please add this feature back as it was it was before!


Hi all, 


I wanted first to acknowledge that we understand the importance of a "global capacity" setting that applies to all ticket types. Since we released this year's earlier feature sets, we've moved on to our next set of work, which includes the ability to set the maximum number of attendees for an event that governs all ticket types. 


We're excited to release this in early May. I'll be sure to come back here to link to a walkthrough document and share a quick video on how to use the setting for all who have been waiting for it. 

Since releasing the newest Events platform, we've been committed to delivering on the highest-impact requests from our customers and have not stopped evolving the platform. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts and feedback and want to assure you that it has always been taken into consideration as we continue to execute against our product roadmap. 


Thank you, 

Jesus F. 




Happy Friday! I have some good news before your weekend: the event capacity setting has been released! 🎉 


Below is a video walkthrough on how to get started. You can also read our Knowledge base article on configuring this setting. 


We appreciate everyone's feedback on this. 



Jesus F. 


Marketing Legend

This is great but falls short of what is needed. You are allowing for a maximum capacity for all tickets for an event. However, we need to be able to set maximum limits to multiple tickets for events. For example,  Breakfast Adult (ticket 1) and Breakfast Child (ticket 2) max. capacity (tickets 1-2) 40, Lunch Adult (ticket 3) and Lunch Child (ticket 4) max. capacity (tickets 3-4) 60, Dinner Adult (ticket 5) and Dinner Child (ticket 6) max. capacity (tickets 5-6) 80.

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