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[Events 2.0] Notifications When Someone Registers

In Legacy events there was an option to send the organizer an email when someone registers for the event. I'm not seeing that option in Events 2.0 - can that option be added back??? Thank you!


This feature is so needed to be able to get a notification if someone signs up for our events. I switched my team over to this and that is their biggest complaint. 


The design team dropped the ball on a few basics that are critical. This is one of them Another issue I discovered today is that you cannot change the Payment Status of someone who registered from Pending to Paid. Again, a basic feature on the old version that failed to make it into this version. Very frustrating. 


If we can not get notifications when people register, we will have to look to another platform. This is not sustainable. 

We have multiple events at various times and it is good "customer service" for us to respond within 24 hours. Without notification we can not do quality customer service.

Help! When we used the Campaign feature (no longer supported) I received email notification when folks registered. Now we've moved to using the Event feature (and there was a change to some email stuff that I still don't understand) and now I am not receiving any notification email that folks have registered. What do I need to do to fix the situation? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
not getting email notification when someone registers. ideas?!?!?

Hi @FritzMc8963. At this time, email notifications aren't set up in the Event tool. There are plans in the near future to include this functionality but we can't provide a timeframe for when this will occur. We will update this thread with more information should we receive any.


Sadly that is the answer I get every time I reach out with an issue. It is frustrating and making me think I need to find a different platform if these changes do not happen soon. 


I do hope that, based on everyone's disappointment with the new platform, that Constant Contact extends the use of the legacy events past April 1st until you can get some of the major issues resolved (such as not getting notification when someone registers, a better way to register additional guests for an event). 


I have an upcoming event.  In the past, I would get an email when someone registered for the event.  I have now been informed that the feature is no longer available.  This was a super helpful tool as I would print off that registration and take it with me to the event.  Sometimes, wifi, etc. isn't always the best so a hard copy was great.


I am very disappointed with this new platform.  Not easy to use.  It is disappointing that the email me when someone registers is no longer an option.  


Just spent an hour on the phone with support.   Two essential features now gone with  the new 2.0 Events Product:  1.) As the administrator I no longer get an email saying someone has registered for my event.   2.) When the customer receives their email confirmation they receive no details of what they registered for such as arrival/departue date,  the meetings/social functions/activities of all the questions I built into the registration form.  How is a customer to know what they signed up for?????   Oh, I guess they can call me???????   I only have 1500  registrants for this upcoming year.   While John in Support was very good and honest and went the extra mile, the end result is no one can tell me IF and WHEN they might do these features.   Without them,  the product is not useful to me.    Also was told that old EVENTS product is gone starting 4/1/2024.  Why can't they extend that til they get the new product right.  I've been a partner for at least 8 years and LOVED,, LOVED, LOVED the old product.    Would have been nice to be able to be involved.   

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