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Export Excel File with Questions and Total Responses Side by Side

What were you thinking? I feel ripped off. I did my first survey in Fall 2020 and a follow up this April. I had to print the screen to get a report comparable to the report I had last Fall. What junk!

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Hello everyone, 


Thanks for all the feedback. We've been continuing to work on improving our survey experience. Yesterday we released a PDF export summary report, which you can find as a new export option. This PDF summary will look quite similar to the Legacy Survey report with the bar graphs and a format that lends itself well to quick analysis.


This thread was initially for feedback on having questions and answers side by side, which prompted the CSV Summary report previously released. The recent comments have been asking for the PDF report, as well as other features you'd like to see in the survey product. Now that the PDF summary report is released, we will be marking this as implemented. If there is any additional feedback you have on how we can make further improvements to our survey product, we encourage you to start a new topic, or add your voice to one of our existing topics.


So true, KristaB! Since the new survey tool was implemented, I've had to spend an hour or more creating a meaning report that I can share with board members. What is the most important thing about a survey? Reporting the results! And the only way to share results with others now would be to give a whole lot of people access to the account (terrible) or create a report yourself (equally terrible because it used to take 2 minutes). CC better be working on a fix for the survey tool results and other shortcomings of the new platform (i.e., no longer possible to rate a list of items, you have to repeat the question over and over, also no way to collect respondent information). 

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Are these comments making any difference with Constant Contact? 

Mary RoseM-1775922347
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I just learned the pdf survey tool is gone?! What the heck? Not a good move CC. 


Constant Contact Partner

When I pull up a legacy survey, I see this in a block at the top - "We have released a new Survey tool . . . . We encourage you to give it a try and pass along any feedback you have. Your input is crucial in helping us improve our product!"


Constant Contact, you've got our feedback, but I don't see the product improvements.  When are you going to fix the reporting on this?  This is just one thread out of many with the same feedback (that you all really screwed us over with the new survey tool), and this thread is now 7 months old.  That's time to fix the reporting.  But you haven't.  So how about just a hint at how much longer it's going to be before you do?  If it's going to be any later than 2021 Q4, it's time for us to start looking for another survey tool (and possibly a more comprehensive marketing tool that integrates the way CC used to before the supposed "upgrade").

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I share the same frustration as others above with the new survey tool and its lack of useable reports. Really disappointed with this improvement and the valuable features it eliminated.

Mary RoseM-1775922347
Campaign Contributor

The lack of survey results to pdf is infuriating. WHY CC did you change this?? 

I am going to research other vendors but it will also be a big pain the in neck - we have tons of history in CC. 

Revert CC or you WILL lose customers. 


I'm reading lots of complaints but there has been no action, no reassurance, no "we hear you" messaging from Constant Contact. CC is definitely dropping the ball on customer service. I think they have probably decided to stay silent that CC customers will just figure out how to create their own reports from the VERY user unfriendly data that is available. Maybe they're just washing their hands of it.  If I could fire the person who decided rolling out this new survey tool without thinking about usability and the features they were taking away, I would! 

Mary RoseM-1775922347
Campaign Contributor

Here's what CC wrote to me after I DM'd them about the survey pdf and surveys expiring in 6 mos. (Useless) 


The information presented in those images is available through the Summary export of the surveys - e.g. the questions, their corresponding answers, the answers' responses, and the response ratios. The column widths may need to be adjusted, and text wrapping turn on, in order to make the CSV file appear more clearly in your spreadhseet program. This can vary by spreadsheet program, which is why it's something that needs to be adjusted after downloading and opening. After making the adjustments, the file can be saved in your spreadsheet program and should retain those widths and wrapping adjustments. Spreadsheet programs typically have a graph function available, so it is possible to generate one from the info provided in the Summary export. The All Results export is what will have the breakdown of questions' responses per responder (no ratios). Similarly, you may need to widen columns and text wrap for easier viewing, per the spreadsheet program used to view the results. Regarding the survey time lengths, the current gimmick our support agents have been suggesting is unpublishing the survey close to its expiration, adjusting the expiration date to be up to 6 months further out, then re-publishing it, and repeating the process for as long as you need the same survey going. If you'd like us to track the feature requests to your account, regarding the lack of an automatically-included bar graph in the Summary export, and to make the survey expiration date extension be further out / more clearly customizable, please provide the username for your account. ^WD

Constant Contact Partner

Thanks, Mary Rose.


@Constant Contact - you all know me (Don Dinnerville, partner) and Madeleine Crouch (my biggest client, responsible for roughly 2 dozen CC accounts), and I can tell you that once again, we are officially requesting the bar graphs and ALL the other survey results reporting that we had under the legacy system.  "The information presented in those images is available through the Summary export of the surveys . . . " - that's basically telling all of your users who were used to those reports for years that the information is there, go do the work yourselves.  #UNACCEPTABLE


You all have to own the fact that you downgraded a product that your users spent years using in a certain way, and that completely pulled the rug out from underneath all of us.  It's time to own it, make the fixes to bring the product back to where it was 9 months ago, and give us a timeline for when that will happen.  Please - STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND GIVING US WORKAROUNDS THAT INVOLVE ASKING YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS TO DO ALL THE WORK MANUALLY THAT THIS SYSTEM SHOULD DO AUTOMATICALLY!!!!


Could have said it better myself, Don, thank you! You've hit the nail on the head, CC wants their customers to do the work to recreate product features that were included when we purchased the product. In no universe is this acceptable!

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