Extend end date for legacy event tool

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I literally found out minutes ago as I was trying to launch several spring events that go into May that I can't select the respective months required to launch the event. I've been doing this for 10 plus years. I can't recreate everything overnight. I need to launch everything in the next 48 hours. I need you to extend access to the months of April and May ASAP so I can complete these events. People work in advance and need more time to migrate when working on FUTURE events. I NEVER received any notification that this was happening! How hard is it to put a pop up window when logging in???!!! Seriously. I need this resolved ASAP, like today. This is not that hard to add two months on the pull down calendar.  As an aside, removing prepay is also a pain. Yes we have PayPal, but we have established limits and a 10 year history with preppy. Now we need to invest time in engage PayPal's adequacy and/or utilize alternate third party vendor. Anyhow, this is NOT how you transition or migrate from a legacy software to a new platform. We need to be able to access April and May as soon as possible. Today.  Sincerely, Al Burdett

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Hello @AlB86 ,


The legacy event tool has had its deadline extended multiple times - the previous being December 2023 and earlier months and years before that - since the newer events tool required more time before its beta could be opened up to all accounts. With the events beta available on all accounts, and continued development on its new functions, payment options, and parity with remaining legacy features, there are currently no plans to push legacy retirement any further out. 


Announcements have been made in accounts and in the Community, as well as in automated emails if you're subscribed to general announcements for new product releases and developments.


If you have further questions regarding the legacy event tool's retirement, please refer to the top answer of this Questions & Discussions post. If the devs must push the retirement date back even further beyond March 31, 2024, then we will update that thread accordingly. 


WePay will not be returning as a payment processor, since their contract with us will be ending after December 31, 2023. Our devs are working to bring in other payment processor options for the new event tool.

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