I wish you would add an M-dash to your arsenal. Two dashes--should make one long m-dash.

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Hello @NancyC574 ,


For our devs' notes on this request, we have some questions on what you're expecting, and the feasibility of using alternative options already available.

  • Are you able to use the standard keyboard commands (CTRL+ALT+numpad minus on PC, OPTION+SHIFT+hyphen on Mac) to insert the desired dashes?
  • Are you able to copy-paste the N and M dashes to paste into a text block as plain-text, or is your use of the specialty dashes frequent enough that copy-pasting each time wouldn't be feasible? 
  • Is there a functionality that the N and M dashes provides that can't be accomplished with hyphens? 
  • How would you want N and M dashes to work in the email builder?
  • Would you want them as symbols that you could insert via the toolbar, or would you expect the text block to automatically convert 2 or 3 hyphens into N and M dashes after text is typed out?
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