Include the subject line of the email in reporting

The reporting feature is really great and includes a lot of good information about the last 50 campaigns. But we are trying to work on improving our open rate with better subject lines but right now, I have to export the csv file from reporting then manually enter the subject line for each of the campaigns listed. Would be great if that was automatically included. Seems like other people would want it as well, because as we all know a good subject line is key to getting a good open rate. 


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We all want it and have been asking for it for years.  Someday they'll listen.   Maybe.

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A good suggestion. Hope they do it.


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It would be great to have the subject line for the email campaign appear in the comparison report. This would help us evaluate the effectiveness of the subject line along with the other analytics available in this report. Thank you for creating the Compare Report. Another great tool.

Add subject line to the information listed in reporting.
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YES PLEASE. (Side note - we've only been asking for this for, what, five years now? Don't hold your breath that it will happen.):wink:

Campaign Contributor

Please add a subject line column to the "Export all as CSV" option in the Reporting screen. When the CSV is created, it has a lot of useful information but not the subject line that was used. We often refer back to old e-mail subject lines (looking for successful ones to get ideas for new ones) and having this included in the CSV export would save a lot of time.


I can't believe it isn't already in there, considering all of the other information that you include.



In reporting, it would be nice to see the email subject line as one of the columns. This can be next to the campaign name.
How do we get subject lines visible in reporting?
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Robly does it. Just sayin'. :unamused:
They also have a feature where you can see who hasn't opened your email in the past N months, so you can easily delete a whole bunch of useless contacts.
On the flip side, I do like now being able to see in the CC reports which lists got which emails.

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