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Insert countdown timer in email

I would like information on adding countdown timers to campaigns. It appears that CC does not support. Ideas?

It would be neat to be able to insert a countdown or deadline widget (for want of a better word) to let viewers of the email know that there are x amount of hour, minutes and seconds left to enter your horse event.

I would love to see a count down timer for campaigning! If there is a work around to add a countdown, please share with the community! 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Work hasn't started or been prioritized for this yet, but we acknowledge this as a known request we will consider. 


To make sure expectations are aligned, it should be noted that for email the likely way to do this would be to insert an animated gif that starts counting down once the email is opened. If someone opens the email again a day later, the animated gif will start playing from the beginning. I only say that in case it's expected that the timer will more accurately track to a certain date. Regardless, they would still be effective towards making a compelling email with a sense of urgency.

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