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Believe it or not, businesses ARE communicating about something other than the coronavirus. Today I set up an email, deleted the auto-populated subject line about coronavirus, created my own subject line, and saved. I got called away and had to exit. I went back to my email just a few minutes later, edited it, and sent it out. Imagine my horror when I realized that the subject line had reverted BACK to something about the corornavirus. My email had nothing whatsoever to do with the corornavirus. NEWS FLASH!! There is more going on in the world than coronavirus. Your users are smart enough to come up with their own subject lines - we don't need your interference. And no, not everyone is communicating about the coronavirus. Remove these pre-populated subject lines from your templates. This is presumptuous and highly annoying and I am so frustrated that I am now looking at moving to another email marketing program.

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Hi @DMcInnis would you rather the subject lines be blank spaces instead? How would you expect to be notified to fill these subject lines? Currently subject lines are either copied over from copying a previous campaign or auto-populated based on the template selected.


Yes, I would prefer that subject lines in templates be blank, or at least very generic. This one was way too specific. I think the vast majority of people know that an email needs a subject line, and most of us prefer to craft our own. My bigger complaint, however, is that when I exited and then logged back in, Constant Contact had changed my subject line without my knowledge. That should not happen.

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Hi @DMcInnis thanks for following up with these details. We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

The new code editor makes it way too easy to create a message with the generic, default subject line.  Is there someway to turn that off, and be prompted to supply my own?

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to have a blank subject line when creating or copying a campaign. Subject lines can be reviewed on the scheduling page to ensure you are sending the correct messaging.

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