Measure the number of times an email was opened by my clients/ prospects?

Hello community, 


I would like to be able to measure the level of engagement of my prospects and clients by the number of times
that my emails were opened. This information will be available in my email reporting. I will be able to run a report and the
report will tell me the people that have opened my email the most and the number of times that this particular email has been


Also, I would like to have the option if my email was forwarded to somebody else? All this is available on Watson Campaign




Marketing Expert

When going into campaign reporting to see opens


while it's nice to have a separate dropdown for both "Unique" and "All" opens,

it's not clear which audience members opened an email more than once, particularly when they are non-consecutive.


It would help if there was a way to sort columns by email in the "All opens" view, so that I can see which emails have multiple opens listed, with their open dates/times listed together for better understanding of individual's repeat open behavior.

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