More customization options for the event registration form

It would be very helpful to be able to change the format of the registration page... ie move sections around. For example, the section where people choose the items they would like to purchase (which is under settings not registration) falls at the very bottom of the registration page. I would like to add a few comments below this section such as Questions or Cancellations contact info. Unfortunately, that is not an option so I use fields ABOVE the fee section to include information which should fall at the end. Please allow us to move the sections in the final format or at least choose the order they fall in like you do in the form fields section.

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It would be very helpful to have more control over these 2 aspects of the event registration process. Often there are things that we want to share about the event that we don't want to include in the body of the invitation, but would be nice to have all the details in one place and the confirmation is the perfect place to do that.
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1. Greater flexibility in editing tickets (include additional information on the ticket using custom field(s))

2. Ability to add an attachment to the confirmation email sent to confirm registration (i.e.. Orientation package for volunteers/papers for conference participants)

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Thank you for posting. These are great EventSpot ideas. Please vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.
Registration page should allow a drop down box allowing registrations to select the number of attendees in each label or fee type. The way it is set up - that they must choose 1 registration type, then scroll down to Additional Tickets to add tickets - is confusing for them and not intuitive.

Hi Victoria,


Thank you so much for this feedback. We currently have this set up as "Add Guests" and "Add Items" option so you can further customize those options depending on your event needs. But I understand how you want to make it simpler and more streamlined. We will look into this for you. We make changes based on what our customers need to help you manage your events more efficiently. 


Please keep voting for this feature and other features you would like added.  Thanks again!


Anna Navarro

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Totally agree!  Especially the Event Confirmation that the event planner gets.  I want to see if the registratant paid and by what means they paid as we have to report to our Acctg dept all third party payments via credit card, so they can apply them to appropriate event's income. At least if I saw a credit card payment as the payment type on the planner's event confirmation - I would know when to report credit card payments.


Since Event Spot hasn't created simple reporting to pull all payments of all open events - it's a very manual process to click into each fo several events, download a report, sort it by by payment type, and then get it to Finance in a usable format.  It would great if they could log in for the report for all events in all our entire organization/all departments and be more self sufficient.

I would like to have the option to add a "Shipping and Handling" or "Processing and Handling" item to each product that might be sold as part of an event. I would also like to be able to have a similar setting that could be assessed against all products/items associated with the event. Customers expect to pay something for product fulfillment or literature fulfillment.
I would like the ability to add a "Processing and Handling" charge to each item that is offered for sale or giveaway associated with the event. Even if the item being offered is free I would like to be able to charge for Processing and Handling per item. I would also like the ability to add a Processing and Handling charge to all items associated with the event and not just individual items. I can discuss in great detail if desired.

Great idea, 

I want to be able to determine the "From" and "Subject" fields for the confirmation emails. I see where to enter them for the invitation emails but not for the registration confirmation emails.
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