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More editing options for sign up forms

This form is not allowing us to customize the fields according to our needs. We want to add a field for people under certain age, a simple check box that's linked to one of our mailing lists, and we don't have that option right now.

Add large text area field option to add to inline forms. It's available on your wordpress plugin but not on the forms you create on your website.

By removing the option to use an embedded sign-up form on a website, you've also removed the web designers ability to customize the look of the form to fit in with the rest of the websites design. This is incredibly unfortunate and frustrating. Also, Constant Contact is now forcing their brand on the new sign-up forms unless folks upgrade to the Email Plus package, just so they can increase their profitability...really? 


I loved having the ability to customize the look of a form. But now that this feature is gone, it makes me incredibly disappointed in Constant Contact. Please bring this option back.

After seeing your impressive email templates, I thought there would be more options for signup forms. Seems very basic and doesn't match my blog, so I'm skipping it.



It would be extremely useful to have more editing options for customizing Pop Up Forms including ability to insert small images(for making word art), addling links, and more font choices. 


Other than that,  it is a great feature!




I want to be able to control the order that my questions appear on a sign-up form, but I have not found anyway to do it.  It doesn't make sense to have them in random order and not grouped by topic.  

I agree with both comments. A simple embed code that allows adding placeholder text, changing or removing form labels, and is not changed by the mandatory universal script would sure be nice.  

please make the button on the sign up forms to have editable text. Please please please!

Please have developers add in this option.

Campaign Contributor
It would be nice to have a few more options for the pop-up sign up forms. I have a book that I give away to people who sign up for my newsletter but I can't show-case that with the limited options available to me with the sign-up forms.
Campaign Collaborator

I am a 16 year CC user but had bought into AWeber a decade ago JUST for their pop up sign up form. I was right on the verge of dropping CC and moving all to AWeber when CC came out with this new form...... which is GREAT. I have now dropped AWeber.


BUT............. it's a boring and extremely limited design on CC's part and I'd like to know what (if any) future upgrades are in the works. I will post two photos of an AWeber and a CC pop up sign up form. CC's is not even close to the visually appealing AWeber design. Just to get the text aligned center on CC's.... I had to use (.) periods and text spaces. Pretty sad and I almost still dropped CC in favor of AWeber. But, CC is where I want to be.


Thoughts and Ideas Please,




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