More organization for guests and registrants on event report

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It would be a huge time saver if you all could fix the reporting for events. The way the data is exported into a CSV file can be confusing and for big events is extremely time consuming to format to make organized sense from the data. 


Hi @RCorkrenElks126. How were you looking to have this report organized that would make it easier to understand? Would it be a different file type or the types of information that will be included in the export?

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In file type is perfect, but the data in the file is slightly disorganized. And maybe its how I have the registration page setup. 


The guest information is separate from the registrant. Sometimes 1 row of data is on the completely opposite end of the data set. Meaning... the registant may be on row 2, and the guest information may be on row 25. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks @RCorkrenElks126! This was really helpful to better understand how you'd expect to see the event report laid out. We are working on an updated event tool that is coming out later this year but can't guarantee this type of functionality will be included. I'll mark this feedback as Acknowledged and provide any updates we may hear.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Our legacy event tool is no longer being updated. For Event 2.0 feature requests, please create a new post so it can be tracked properly.


You can read about Events 2.0 reporting here.

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