More text wrapping options for images

I don't like that in the new templates, we are unable to add more than 1 picture within a text box.  Would you be able to fix this?


Thank you!


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Jamey Kohn

Constant Contact user since 2008

Would love to see this program become more flexible and easier to place photos in different positions

I agree with the posts above. I did try the text wrapping feature but it did not work. The photo could only be in the upper right of the text block.  I would like to position anywhere in the text block and we need to move away from having to have a block or box for each time we want to have some text with a photo. It is just not nimble enough.  Let me know when you solve it and I will try your product again!

Campaign Contributor

THANK YOU. Same issues with my company's emails. We can't recreate the same looks and it is INCREDIBLY frustrating. I have talked to customer service about a dozen times on different issues, often only to be told there's no way to recreate what we used to have.


Why can't we click somewhere within inserted text and add images easily, like before? Why does it have to be a whole huge production to put imagery in? We used to be able to insert an image and then play with its sizing, inset it with text wrapping around it. The new editor doesn't have that function and forces you to add in entirely new "boxes" for images. Why? What was the point of destroying the old system for this new one that doesn't allow for nearly the same amount of customization. 


It feels like CC abandoned trusting clients to build what they want and instead is trying to dumb everything down into these pre-set boxes you put together. 


The new CC editor is TERRIBLE and we're already hunting for a new press release distribution system, sadly.

Campaign Collaborator

I am creating a weekly email to my congregation starting in Microsoft Word, and then copying and pasting material into a “template” (essentially a Constant Contact email that I created and saved as a draft).

I paste FORMATTED text into text blocks, and I insert images as separate elements.

I have a number of feedback items:

  1. No images in text blocks.

The second-generation editor allowed me to drop images IN A TEXT BLOCK. This gave me the freedom to place images anywhere in the flow of the text. In the third-generation editor, I have to break my text into multiple text blocks and insert images BETWEEN the text blocks.

  1. No control over header styles

I use “styles” extensively in Word. The third-generation editor appears to recognize SOME styles, such as headers, and applies a different format to them. However, the format has no relationship to the format in my Word style, and it appears to be the same for all level headers.

You need to add a feature to define the styles for different header levels.

  1. List styles are not recognized

I use “styles” (such as “List Number” and “List Bullet”) in Word. The third-generation editor does not recognize these styles. I have to select the paragraphs and change them to the appropriate list type; and then I have to delete the “bullet” or “number” characters from the text.

It would be very helpful if you added the ability to recognize, and properly format, these styles in the third-generation editor.

  1. Multi-level lists are primitive

Although it is POSSIBLE to create multi-level lists (by selecting each lower-level entry and pressing the Tab key), it’s cumbersome and undocumented. And, there is no way to use different symbols (or number formats) at different levels.

  1. There is no way to indent a plain paragraph.

In the second-generation editor, there was a button to indent a paragraph (it also worked to create multi-level lists). There is nothing comparable in the third-generation editor.

  1. Paragraph spacing is not conserved

I use “styles” in Word. My “Normal” style specifies a line of space BEFORE the paragraph. This is ignored in the third-generation editor.

It would be very helpful if the third-generation editor provided some way to specify inter-paragraph spacing, and some way to manually override it when necessary.

  1. No HTML Editor

I join with all the other users who have BEGGED for the restoration of the HTML editor that was available in the second-generation editor.


When are you going to update the campaign system to allow us to place an image where we want within a text box.  Frustrating that images can't be centered or placed anywhere other than at the top left or right of a box. 

Also - it would be nice to be able to place more than 1 image into a text box. This very limiting and frustrating!

Constant Contact Partner
I go way way back to THE BEGINNING with Constant Contact. And I love the Service and Support, I'm a Partner and bring in clients.. BUT I hate that with the NEW EDITOR; you can't insert a PHOTO "in the middle" with text; only on right or left side. You have to make a separate BOX; which means when you copy it; to other emails .. it takes LONGER; everything takes longer; you have to copy 3 BOXES 1 by 1; and especially when you have many clients; it's torture. So really the NEW EDIOTOR takes LONGER than the old one? . Please try to fix that and thanks!
Marketing Legend

Agreed. It seems like with every revamp of the interface things take longer. Even with small changes. Sometimes it seems like the developers must be competing to see who can create an element that requires the MOST clicks! It's wracking out my wrist, in addition to yielding a very unprofessional looking layout. We do not want to shape our content to "fit" the size of the photo.

The reason the current so called wrap feature is useless is that if you want a photo next to the second paragraph instead of the first, for instance, you have to put it in a separate clock, which comes along wit excessive padding and there is no way for the designer to specify how much padding between paragraphs. There's no way for us to alter it so it looks like it's part of the same article.

Marketing Legend

I'm in agreement with everyone here that this is a frustrating issue. I'll chop up copy into blocks to add multiple images throughout an article, but it's such a time waster. For one thing, there's no drag and drop option to slit up text. You have to create a new text block, cut and paste the text, change the line height that wasn't retained, change the font color that wasn't retained, change, change the text size that wasn't retained, drag in your image. And then repeat that process for every single image you want to insert. 

Brand Visionary

It's very frustrating that this issue is 2 years old (or more) and has not been resolved. I frequently want to put a story about an event or program with multiple photos and cannot do this. The left or right placement at the top of the box is also extremely limiting. If this is not changed in the near future I may be looking for a new email content solution.

Campaign Contributor

Yes!!! And please make a way to add a cutline and/or photo credit line directly below a picture.

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