More text wrapping options for images

I don't like that in the new templates, we are unable to add more than 1 picture within a text box.  Would you be able to fix this?


Thank you!


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Jamey Kohn

Constant Contact user since 2008

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

It's really frustrating that we can't add multiple pictures where you'd like them go (not just at the top of the text block). How hard can it be to integrate this feature? My work around is to create a PDF in the layout I'd like it to be, but CC must reduce the resolution when I upload it, it's definitely not a crisp as it should be.


Janet A. (longtime CC user)


I too agree -- being able to add images where you want them would be huge!!!!!!!!  Let's make this a priority!


I think it's pretty clear that nothing is going to change. The idea of having some flexibilty for image placement has been requested over a long period of time. They are simply not interested in responding to their customers on this issue.


I agree with other users! I can't stand having to break up text sections in order to add images. The lack of ease in inserting photos will likely cause me to use another provider that offers more flexibility. I've been using various platforms for years and don't understand why you would make adding photos more difficult.


CC needs to allow including multiple pics within the same block and to be able to manipulate them at will. As is, all i can do now is put a pic left, right, or center and then cannot drag them to any location i desire within that block.  Very frustrating. 


Had to deal with the side-by-side image issue on 2 recent newsletters. Here's the workaround: Insert one image box, then add another beneath it. Click on the one below and move it up alongside the 1st one. That will work! Good luck. 🙂


Agree - the restrictions on photo placement and layout are so incredibly frustrating and limiting.  Now it seems it is extremely difficult to place photos on the right side of a text box - all the layouts push to the left.  I do a newsletter and I do NOT want all the images lined up down the right side of the newsletter!  I have been able to force it sometimes but it takes a ridiculous amount of fussing and time.  Seriously thinking about looking at another product - taking me twice as long to do everything.


Hi @RNRA. You can adjust the image placement in a block by dragging the image to the right (or left) side of the editor. Once you see a vertical pink line along the border of the email, release the drag and the image will fall into that area. 

Marketing Legend

I think @Caitlin_M is talking about what I'd call a "true wrap" that is where you pull a photo into a text block. It does seem like there is no problem positionoin it left or right, but it does have to be at the top of the text. So for instance, if you want to have a headline that goes the full width of the block, then some text wrapping around a photo, you have to create a separate text block for the headline. This, by the way, is a rather common format for newsletters, which Constant Contact seems to be unaware of.


Having to have multiple blocks to make a chunk of copy is not only time consuming and prone to error when you start moving around the pieces of what should really be one block to work with, but ALSO, because we are given no control over how much space there is between thos multiple blocks it's hard to even make it look good.


Then, there is a separate problem of the "layout blocks" that have a column of text and a "column" with a photo. There's no styles you can apply in those layout blocks to control whether the "photo side" will be on the left or right, and to make it even more annoying, the thumbnails don't all reflect what the actual structure of the layout block is. This may not matter on most phones, where Constant Contact forces the photo to run full width, rather than next to the text, but some of us (maybe even most of us who do newsletters) still have a way larger share of subscribers using the desktop view than mobile.

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