Navigating contacts by page number or letter

Some VERY helpful improvements would be as follows:

1) Contact navigation system....  There is a "next page" button at the bottom right of each page - why not have it at the top as well?  When viewing contacts in the 250 or 500 contacts-per-page view mode, it seems pointless to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of each page just to advance to the next section of the contact list.

     a) also adding the abililty to manually type in the page that you want to visit would be wonderful.  For example:  if I am viewing contacts in 250 contacts-per-page mode, for our organization this means that we have 10 pages of contacts.  Say I want to jump to the 6th page.  Why is it required to click (and wait for the DB query to pull up the information, which also takes a while) on each following page until I finally get to the 6th page?  Why can't I just type in a text box specifying which page I want to jump to?

    b) also adding the ability to search for a section of our entire contact list by a letter of the alphabet would be amazing.  If I want to jump right to the section that has everyone whose last name starts with "M", why can't I? Or select all the contacts that have a specific area code?  
    c) Why, when selecting which fields of contacts you want to view under the "Modify Columns" option, why is Phone Number not an accessible option?  You give the option to add custom fields, so why not include a field that is already built in?  I am having difficulty understanding this logic.

2) Contact data entry system - when I am inputting the data fields for each new person, and I scroll down to see the other sections included within the window... if I happen to scroll further down past the point than the "new contact" window has data/fields to display, it scrolls the background master list, therefore making a person have to stop and scroll again to find where they left off after the "wheel of fortune" lands wherever it feels like when the data is saved and the data entry window is closed.  The data entry window is the active window when inputting/altering contact data... it should be the only window that can accept mouse commands.  Is it to hard to disable input to the background while the active window is open, or at lease force the active window to accept all input until the contact file is saved?

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @LAIIcdd.. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. Some of your points have active ideas open for voting and I would recommend either commenting or voting on the below ideas so you are notified of any updates:

Back/Next buttons on top and bottom of contact/list view

Add "Phone Number" as sortable column

More search options for contacts 

I'm going to open this particular thread open for voting surrounding the ability to search by page number and replicate your post so we can accurately track the scrolling issue you mentioned. Every thread we have concentrates on one idea or feature request so it's easier for us to track and update those who are interested.

Need an alphabet at the top or side of the Contacts list. Too cumbersome to go through page and page, starting at the A's, when you need to find an email beginning with an H. Or am I missing something?
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when going through the pages of contacts - always need to SCROLL TO TOP OF PAGE TO GET THE NEXT ALPHABETICAL CONTACT - when click to move to next page the display SHOULD HAVE THE NEXT ALPHABETICAL CONTACT at the TOP of the page - SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SCROLL TO TOP TO VIEW THE NEXT ALPHABETICAL DISPLAY - easy fix for a knowledgeable programmer

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

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Absolutely add the pagination at the top and bottom of the pages, not just the have to scroll all the way up to change the page number.  Cumbersome and annoying.  I've suggested this numerous times and it falls on deaf ears.


Hi guys over at CC! You guys are killing it and thanks so much for your good customer service and being so easy to use. The only thing I have to say is that it would be nice to specifically select a certain page number within contacts as if I have 30K contacts, it can be annoying to say "Show me 500 on page" and then still see that there are 57 more pages that I have to click over and over to get to say page 18. Maybe keep the arrows to change the pages of contacts but also have a dropdown of some sort to go to a specific page as well rather than being sentenced to clicking the over arrow and waiting for each page to load to finally get to what you are looking for. Would be nice to have if you want to sort them or change contact details fast. Just an idea but I have run into that issue a few times other than that keep up the good work! Thanks.


Agreeing with all of these comments above about (1) pagination being at the top as well as the bottom, and (2) being able to choose the page number you want to move to instead of having to click the forward arrow over and over again. I am cleaning up my contacts (41k+), and have 84 pages (with 500 contacts visible). I have to get to page 21 today, and it's highly time-consuming and enormously frustrating to have to click through so slowly. PLEASE update this feature! How many votes do we need to get these changes made? Thank you for your consideration!

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Currently, this feature request is not on our roadmap. If there are plans to consider bringing this functionality into the Contacts tool editor, we will share them here.

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