Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

One of the reasons I liked using Constant Contact was because it was quick and easy and the formats suited my purposes. I've just spent an hour looking for a template similar to the ones I've used before to no avail. I do not have time to create a custom template. Will be exploring other email products. I'm not sure who your target customers are, but I don't think that I am in your demographic.
1. Changes were not communicated to users. 2. Templates were removed without replacement. 3. Searches are cumbersome; do not allow easy access to style e.g. newsletter template. 4. Customer service reps professional - yet unable to answer inquires on scope of system function, template replacements or services.
Summer! We need more summer newsletter templates please! :smileyface:
Perhaps my situation is different but I send out a newsletter rather than a promotional flyer. You used to have a Fourth of July templet that I used for my patriotic messages but I no longer see it. I don't know the name of the templet but at the top it had a large red bar with a blue bar under it and had a changeable banner over the bars. The one I liked had a picture of the statue of liberty on the left and the head of an eagle on the right superimposed over the American flag and Constitution. Do you still provide that newsletter templet and if so how can I access it?
Campaign Collaborator
I'm confused. I thought the "New Experience" was going to include some great new templates. If they are there, I have failed to find them. There is now no way to search by predefined categories, as was possible before. And when I put in the search term "all" in the template search box, the results returned didn't include even some of the nice ones that were available before. In fact, the whole website seems to be "dumbed down." If this is the new experience I wouldn't mind returning to the old experience, except with some updated templates.
What happened to all the templates? I am a weekly user and find most I use are no longer available? What happened? I may have to find a new program?
What the heck happened to all the Templates that were on the system in an easily sortable form? This new layout sucks!
Hi, the templates available to the users are not good enough. I think you should add some more good templates for email marketing. Especially for recruitment agency sector.
I used 2 templates for the last several years.... they are no longer available. There is nothing available through constant contact that is anything like them. Why would you take out templates and not at least replace with something similar?????????????
definitely not an improvement. Why remove the very easy to navigate product buttons along the top navigation bar. Now everything is buried in Campaigns and I need to drill down to find anything. Please reinstate the "product" buttons: Events, Surveys etc on the top menu. The previous layout was very logical and easy to use. Not impressed with the new one.
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