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For the past 3 years, I have been using your product to send my organization's weekly emails. I want to let you know that I absolutely HATE your new editor. I find it awkward and difficult to use, and your documentation is not helpful! It takes me twice as long to compose emails as it used to. We prepaid our subscription, but when it expires, we WILL NOT be renewing it.

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Hi @AlisonDM what about our system do you find difficult to use? What steps would you have expected to take instead when creating your email? This is helpful information to track with our Product Team.

Hi Frankie, 

There are quite a few things about your new editor that I find incredibly user unfriendly. When adding new content, it is impossible to get a horizontal line divider without adding extra columns. I have not been able to successfully insert more than one photo. I keep having to set the default font, size and color, as it does not keep my changes. Changing the background color is a real pain. In general, everything I normally do while composing an email is now much more finicky and cumbersome than it used to be and it takes me considerably longer to create emails. Your documentation is useless. I am computer literate and was a computer programmer for many years. Additionally, I  maintain websites for two organizations. One uses WordPress, while the other uses GoDaddy. Both of these so much more user friendly than your new editor. I am looking into other options for our organization’s weekly emails as I do not plan to renew our subscription with you. I am NOT a satisfied customer. 

Hi @AlisonDM


Thanks for following up with these details! Your drag and drop sensitivity, how are you adding block in? For instance with a mouse a trackpad, a touchscreen? We have added a new "Tap and Tap" feature in our cross platform editor which helps significantly for users with trackpads or touch screens. Does this feature help? What are the steps you're taking to insert a photo? You mentioned not being able to successfully insert more than one photo, what exactly happens when you try? What edits are you making in your campaign before seeing your font change? What are the steps you're taking to change your background color? Are you changing the background color of the entire campaign or a single block?

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. We will leave it open for comments in case you are able to provide us with the requested information.

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