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It looks like I can no longer print out a preview of my email drafts. I need to print out a hard copy of my email drafts so the staff can make their notes/updates. I also print hard copies of our monthly newsletter to send out to our shut-ins and everything that I have tried looks like crap.
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I appreciate everyone who chimed in on this one! We now have the ability to print a draft campaign for the the preview pane. We've updated this article with instructions and screen shots if you need them.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @GingerS019,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. I will be opening this up for voting so other users can vote and comment on this idea.

Campaign Contributor

I need to save draft emails as pdfs and to print out draft emails. Please restore this functionality ASAP!

Campaign Contributor

Please put a print option back in the preview, we always print the preview email for our records before scheduling the emails to go out. We never send test emails to anyone. 

I really do not like that fact that I can not print campaigns anymore. You use to have a "printable version" available which I used all the time. I don't like the new format at all.
the new preview screen does not have the option to PRINT the campaign that I am working on... NOT Convenient to have to schedule my campaign and then send it to myself in order to print.

Hello @BeverlyD185,

I'm interested in learning more about why customers want to print their campaign out before scheduling it to their full contact list. 

What do you tend to use the print feature to do?

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Candace, there are many reasons customers would like to print their campaigns before scheduling. Below are 3 that I have. Please bring this feature back.

1) Printing and distribution paper versions of email newsletters

2) Save drafts as pdfs or printing draft emails so a superior can edit them. My boss is not tech savvy and doesn't know how to use constant contact.

3) I need to submit pdf versions of email drafts to my compliance department before I can send them out.

Campaign Collaborator

Please put the option to Print a Draft Email back on the Preview screen!  

Marketing Legend

Bring back the print function when in preview mode! This is F#@... ridiculous! Why did you take it away?


When you get to the page that allows you to review a campaign, you used to be able to print the page. Now you have to email to yourself to be able to print. I don't like the extra steps. My second concern is with the social media postings. I have a photo of a posting I would like to send and discuss with someone.
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