New reporting problems

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My is this: why should the changes to the Reporting page be considered an improvement?


Here is why I am asking:

One of the things I love about this platform is the useful and helpful reporting automation.

Why did you change it?

The new "Reporting" feature for measuring campaigns and overall performance is completely unusable.

We now have to compile data from several different sources and compile them into a single .csv file; when it used to be all in one.

The curved, dynamic/interactive line chart was also extremely helpful. The new one is not easy to use and ready to read at a glance.

And not to be picky, but the sharp colors you're using to display performance is very harsh on the eyes. I'd recommend going back to using the softer, more subtle tones on your previous reporting page (i.e. only the colors found on pages such the one I am typing in, right now.




Thank you for hearing me out.


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Hi @DHCAAN. Thank you so much for the feedback about our new Reporting layout. The reasoning behind this new layout was that we've heard from customers that they want a better view of the overall trending reporting of their campaigns instead of only seeing stats for individual campaigns. Of course, we don't want to end up creating extra work for you!


What extra steps do you need to take now to create your reporting and what reporting is missing with this new layout? Also, the line graph is still accessible by clicking the Table | Graph toggle on the right side of the page. Were you not able to find this? What could be included to make the graph better?




Reply from @DHCAAN 

Thanks for getting back to me Caitlin,

I was able to find the timeline, but is there an option to download a single .csv with all the data on it?

E.g.: Open/Click rate; sends; bounces; desktop/tablet/mobile opens.
Those were all included on a single file in the past. Is there a way to bring that back, or does it exist already and I overlooked it?
You can select one or multiple campaigns from the Reporting tab and export reporting for selected campaigns. The report includes the number of sends, number of opens, the open rate, number of clicks, click rate, number of bounces, the bounce rate, number of unsubscribes and the unsubscribe rate. Mobile and desktop opens are not included on this report and neither are the contacts who are included as part of the opens, sends, etc. Do you usually look at reporting for multiple campaigns at once or individual campaigns?

Reply from @DHCAAN 

We look at multiple campaign/newsletter performance over time as a metric to demonstrate our community engagement. We're Arizona's state Medicaid program and our office is charged with engaging the public we serve. Our open-rate is above industry average, but our click rate is over twice the industry average; showing that we have a very engaged readership by providing them with information that is relevant/useful for them.


Thanks! So it sounds like exporting the reporting for selected campaigns is the right step for you since you are comparing campaigns over time and it does include the open and click rate. Does this option provide what you are looking for?


Reply from @DHCAAN 

That should work.
Thank you!


You're so welcome and I'm happy to hear that this will work for you! We're always open to improvements so please feel free to post again if you have any other feedback about our product. 

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