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In the old toolbar we were able to right click to open the menu item on a different tab. The new toolbar doesn't allow to do that. we'd appreciate that option back. Thank you.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback about our new navigation, @adatyshua. I'll mark this post as Acknowledged. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

Brand Visionary

Since the Contacts menu choice at the top of the homepage now requires a choice between "All Contacts" or "Add Contacts," it would be really great if another option would be "Contacts" - as in taking one directly to the Contacts tab, vs simply the "All Contacts" page that has tabs for Lists, Segments, Tags and Contacts. With this new drop-down for Contacts, it's adding yet another step to get straight to our Contacts list. Thanks for considering.

Campaign Collaborator

I would also love if the marketing campaigns tab of "all campaigns" have a drop down for "draft" and "sent". just make it a little more granular. Is it possible?

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Thank you for the idea. At this time, this idea is not on our roadmap to be discussed for a future update.

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