Not accepting new contacts

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As I was pasting my contacts it quit after about 40 and stopped accepting more.
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Hi @JamesH4196. Did you receive any messaging when pasting in your contacts? Were you doing right click + paste or CTRL + V to paste them in? Was the Continue button able to be pressed to add in those contacts? 

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All I can remember is the next column of addresses would not appear after I had pasted a few other columns. If you want my business you must understand that I am three months short of 80 years and am experiencing dementia, and need personal guidance in constructing a new program because I do not comprehend the terminology. Also, because mail Chimp has recovered my active subscribers addresses, so you must show some advantage  to make a change. In short, the addresses that you down loaded were those who had previously unsubscribed. Mail Chimp is an aggravating company to communicate with,  as they act like every subscriber was born using a computer. I do not intend to disagree with your instructions, but I can not understand everything.

James P. Harvey


Hi @JamesH4196. While we can attempt to continue to assist you here, I would recommend calling our Support team so they can assist you further with the upload of these contacts and see why you were no longer able to paste them in. They are able to do screen shares to see what's happening. There are limitations to the amount of support that we can provide here in the Community and I want to make sure that you have the best experience possible as you get started. Here is a link to their phone numbers and hours of operation.

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