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1 - Allow me to assign a top-line name to accounts. An alias would work. At the moment, each account just has the company name listed, and 20 of these people work for the same company. 2 - let me delete accounts from the list. I've got old accounts in there that I can't get rid of 3 - make the account list view more compact. 4 - make the default view the last view I used when using that tab. I shouldn't have to click through to accounts, then accounts again, then sort by status, then view more results per page. EVERY GODDAMN TIME that I come back into my main after working in a child account.

Hi @ChadG619


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! In the meantime we have however submitted your feedback to the appropriate teams on your behalf. We have also sent the contact email address on file for your account a way to submit any further partner feedback directly to our partner team. Sharing your feedback through that link allows it to be submitted directly to our Partner Feedback teams.

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