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After training events, we typically use surveys to confirm retention of material and provide a certificate of completion. However, the participants name should appear in the certificate. If you had the option to allow CC users to personalize the closing page of surveys, we would be able to automated the certificate of completion process. Currently, we've had to turn to CVENT for that task, but would prefer the smaller environment of CC. Thanks, Liz Miranda, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
I just tried using a survey in my most recent email and was wondering if it would be possible to compartmentalize based on which answer in the survey the client clicked. It would also be helpful to send a client to a specific page based on which survey answer was correct. If not a specific page then maybe an automatic email response based on a specific answer.
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Hi @Damian_Ford 


Thanks for the great feedback! Could you expand upon the idea of compartmentalizing based on specific answers? What is the functionality that you're looking for and how do you plan to use it? It is helpful for our engineers to know exactly what you're trying to do so they can better design future updates.


Thanks for using Constant Contact!

Rob L.


I was thinking that if a customer responded to a survey, depending on their selections, you could put them into a targeted list.  For example, the furniture store survey asks:  What is your most pressing Home furnishing need?  A.  I need Upholstery, B.  I need Bedroom.  Depending on their answer, you could send a follow up email automatically that told them something about either Upholstery or Bedroom furniture.  You could also have them put into a special list for future emails.  Lastly, instead of a "thank you for participating in our survey" response page, you could designate a response page based again on their specific answer.

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Hi everyone,


Because this thread was created based on our legacy survey campaigns, we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! Please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see. 


We also suggest sharing feedback on the idea thread for editing the thank-you page on our updated Survey Landing Page campaigns.

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