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The new survey update eliminates several types of questions! We regularly use the "rate items on a scale" and "rate items numerically" options. Why did these go away and do you have a suggestion on how to reword these types of questions to make them work? VERY disappointed in the update - while it says it's meant to be easier, I actually find it more difficult to use and will continue to use the Legacy version until it is phased out and then I will probably switch to Survey Monkey.

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Hello @JillB96. Thank you for the feedback on our new survey pages. We'll open this idea up for voting and provide updates if we hear anything. 

Why did you get rid of the rate items on a scale on the survey pages?  We use these surveys for Class Day Evaluations, and it will now be impossible for us to compare year to year data as to how classes rate events without this feature.  Do you plan to increase the question type options as you develop these pages?  This seems like a really bad idea and may lead us to finding another platform.  You've taken away a lot of the functionality of the surveys.

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We really need the rate items on a scale and rate items numerically in order for our upcoming surveys to be comparable to previous years.


I would really like the rate items to come back. I use it to have one question with a number of sub questions that I ask. For example, please rate the speakers in the following areas: clarity, learning objectives, interaction, etc.


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We were very pleased with the legacy survey tool- the way to create and how to download responses. The new tool is missing components and does not meet our needs. I hope that CC gives some thought to modifying the program so key features are not lost permanently. We recommend CC to our partners and other orgs all the time as a great tool for events, surveys, emails and more. If the program changes are permanent and features are lost, we will have to look for an alternative solution. 

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Hi @KyleeS. What information or features would you like to see in our new survey pages? 

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HI! We haven't worked with the updated pages much but so far we have noted two key features missing---or maybe we just need training to find them:)- 1. We like the option to set up a series of things where we ask participants to rank, or indicate how they agree/disagree- like this:


The other thing we use quite often is exporting the results and having a single participants responses to all questions appear in a single row and all answers for a single question appear in a column.  Thanks!


Hi @KyleeS. Thank you so much for replying! I'm going to move this post over to a larger thread surrounding feature requests for survey pages. 

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Hi- I want to make sure that both my comments are heard- it's not just the inability to numerically rate, but also the way results are exported. We value the ability to see one participant's feedback in one row. thanks!

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We use Constant Contact's survey features pretty extensively each year. I am concerned that some of the features we use in the legacy surveys are not available in the new survey pages. For example, the ability to rate items on a scale is one we use frequently. Are those more advanced features (including rating items, skip logic, etc.) being retired permanently? I'd prefer to keep using Constant Contact for collecting that data, but I really need to have some of the more advanced features. Do I need to start looking for a new survey platform or will you be working some of those other features into the survey pages over the coming weeks?
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