Read More block options

Could we get the ability to customize more of the "Read More" block?


Namely, the ability to customize the text which appears at the bottom of the block. We are newly implementing the Read More feature in our daily newsletter and we're finding that the way the links are formatted is confusing to our readers.


For one, we promote our company's website using a shortened URL (for example: which redirects users to the full-length URL (for example:, so when the Read More block is populated using a link from our site, it shows the full-length URL rather than the one we prefer to publicize.


Additionally, using the "design" option on the block allows us to bold the text, but it bolds both the words "Read more" and the URL. We would like the "Read more" text to stand out since that's what will drive people to the correct webpage on our site.


Overall, we really like this Read More block as it simplifies our newsletter creation process. However, the ability to customize the block further would really help our readers get more from our newsletter.



Agreed - great feature. With some customization it would be a home run!

Campaign Collaborator

Love the feature, but wondering if it could have a horizontal feature.

I know you can add two side-by-side, but they are still vertical (image on top, text on bottom).


Hoping there could be a "Read More" layout with an image on the left, and text on the right, similar to the horizontal drag and drop layout.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Our CPE editor allows for more customization of the Read More block, including changing the layout, text, text color, and button.


Use the "read more" block to give readers the ability to lengthen the amount of text!

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