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Reporting- More campaign details and file type export options

Hello Constant Contact: My Boss is asking me reports of Eblasts and the only thing your system provides is a simple cvs Excel sheet. I don't think this is a Professional Report to "report". Anyone can fake a simple excel sheet. Why you don't have the option to download the full color Report in PDF with your logo and stats? It would be much better and professional. Thank.


I agree - please back the printable PDFs.  Visual snapshots go a long way!

Campaign Contributor
Currently report spreadsheet downloads generated by CC are CSV. CSV does not allow any aesthetic changes to be saved. If CC generated reports as an Excel Workbook I would be able to save these changes. A work-around is for me to perform a save as; but, I don't always have time for this.

Add printable reports to the newer templates??? The legacy templates had them!!


Yes, need the ability to print reports for specific campaigns as a PDF with graphs and performance data. This is a must-have to share with stakeholders.

Constant Contact Partner

Yes!  We want printable versions of the reports!!!


Please create a new Email Statistics report, formatted to print out on one page and includes the following data:

  • Email Name and List of Recipients
  • Email Run History
  • Email Stats
  • Click-through stats
  • Social Stats
Brand Influencer

Why does constant contact keep taking away functionality??  This is a must have to be able to print these reports as pdf format to share.

Brand Influencer

Can't print email stats anymore in a nice format - ridiculous.  

Campaign Expert
The report format attached to your new WYSIWYG interface leaves alot to be desired. There needs to be a print friendly version that is easily downloaded and easily read as the legacy reports are

We need to print email stats for our clients in pdf format. Please, return printable versions of the reports! Is a must for us!! Thank you

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